10 Things to Treat Yourself to This Month

It’s a precious time of year, one that we must be careful not to get swept away in and take for granted. A small, sweet space between the promises of a new year and the lessons (and stories!) from the one at hand. This month’s 10 Things to Treat Yourself to roundup is a beautiful balance of #GemFinds to help you honor the space between no longer and not yet to set a powerful, but present tone for 2017!

1.) A Statement That Says, “Let’s Cut to the Chase”

I’m declaring 2017 the year of directness. No more sugar coating, no more dancing around someone else’s feelings, no more hiding your shine out of fear. The Cut to the Chase Necklace from 7 Charming Sisters is just the reminder you need to protect your own sparkle and not let anyone else waste your shine or your time! If this regal blue piece doesn’t speak to you, I promise 7 Charming Sisters has something that will. The ladies behind the collection aren’t exactly sisters, but they do have a unique way of coming together to create fabulous jewelry. More on their story here.

10 Things to Treat Yourself to This Month - 7 Charming Sisters Cut to the Chase Navy Blue Crystal Collar Necklace

2.) Five Minutes to A Less Chaotic Mind

Here’s me:

I’m so excited to get home to get some work done because I love what I do!! (gets home, potty break, snack)

Okay great! Let’s do this. What am I going to work on first? (looks at to-do list)

Yikes. What the hell do I work on first? Everything is calling my name all at once. (loses all motivation)

Luckily Megan Giddings says, “Meditation helps us realize that when we focus on one thing at a time, our crazy chaotic checklists for each day are suddenly more ordered; we feel like we can get more done.” Take time this month to find out how to calm your chaotic mind and find more focus in just 5 minutes!

3.) A Sweet Surprise

Sometimes we have to go to great lengths to curb a sweet tooth – like getting resourceful. I really needed chocolate a few weeks ago and all I had were Nestle Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, so I made peanut butter toast and sprinkled the chocolate chips on it =P. Nicki Bandklayder’s was a little more epic with her baking blooper. What’s a girl to do when you want chocolate chip cookies and only have a mini cupcake pan? You use what you have! Little did she know she was reinventing the cookie in the form of The Cookie Cups! Thanks to a successful PieShell campaign, The Cookie Cups will now be able to build their own kitchen in Minneapolis! In the meantime, you can still have these delicious sweet treats delivered right to your door.

4.) A Self-Care Boost

Remember Caring Crate (a subscription box created by our Gem Janelle Martel after her lifelong struggles with anxiety)? She created the Winter Indulgence Bonus Box ($65) because winter can be rough, from holiday stress to dealing with the cold, dark weather. Treating yourself to this box allows you to indulge in some self-care time with products inspired by the best of the Winter season, like a warming, soothing cinnamon spice bath soak and a fresh cedar and pine soy candle. The Cherish Me Anchor Me Bracelet included literally makes my soul smile.

5.) The On-the-Go Glow Travel Set

I love to travel, but I hate packing, especially when it comes to toiletries. I feel like I can never take my whole skin care regimen with me because it’s not travel sized. With super sensitive skin that either breaks out or turns bright red from even the most promising products, it takes a lot in me to try new things. I’ve taken this On-the-Go Glow Travel Set from HydroPeptide on 2 trips (NYC and Puerto Rico) and I’ve loved it both times! I have to say, the Exfoliating Cleanser is my favorite because it gives a deep clean without irritating my face, but the entire line is worth the $78 to have smooth, radiant skin on to go (and the piece of mind that everything is in one convenient pouch when packing).

6.) New Headshots (don’t make me beg)

I shouldn’t even have to put this in here, but I cannot tell you how many times I email someone asking for a professional headshot to feature them on The Gem, in the Gem Nation Facebook Group, or on my social media page and I get a pixelated, one arm cut off selfie. Ugh. That is not a professional quality photo people. If you took it OR it was taken on your smart phone, it does not count!

If you’re in New Jersey or are up for a bit of traveling, check out Mallika Malhotra‘s Get Gorgeous headshot photography experience, which she created after encountering too many women in business who were making too many excuses and afraid to finally become the face of their brand (sound familiar?). Get Gorgeous is a one stop shop for getting your hair done, makeup applied, styling and photography – all done by professionals who are eager to help you shine. You leave with a professional photo for your brand but also a confidence boost that will linger for months! If you’re not in that area, there are tons of photographers in our community, just head over to the Gem Nation Facebook Group, which you can access here!

7.) A Blooming Night Out

It’s like those drink cocktails and be creative nights with painting on with PLANTS! because we put succulents, sand, and tiny dinos (yup) in the mix to give you an even better reason to leave the house. Thanks to Obvious.ly, Plant Nite invited me to get my hands dirty last month and Megan and I had such a blast! No green thumb? No problem. They walk you through everything! Your table top garden will be complete with succulents, sand, and tiny dinos (for real), and GEMS (if they have any left because I used like all of them =X).

8.) Chill Time

Lynette Lovelace’s Lifetherapy products were born out of a passion to help others realize the power of our thoughts. What we think we become. There’s a reason the fragrance market is booming and that’s because smell is the strongest of the 5 senses. As Lynette puts it, “our sense of smell quickly initiates a feeling, creating awareness of this power.” Pictured below is Lifetherapy’s CHILL gift set ($40) because everyone can use a little CHILL time. Take a minute to reflect, understand that the power lies within each of us to CHOOSE our behavior. Chill, is an intoxicating… subtle fragrance of heliotrope, rose, and warm vanilla. It leaves just enough scent behind to remind us that life is good, and a positive mind is possible. Try the body wash for a soft, and sudsy -gentle bubble bath. I promise you’ll be back for more CHILL TIME.

Lifetherpy CHILL Body Lotion & Wash Gift Set

9.) Live Life to the Blondest

I haven’t gotten my hair done in so long I have a natural ombre going on, which my incredible stylist, Melissa at Swank Hair Studio, is just oh so thrilled about. Luckily, I recently discovered BACK2BLONDE root concealer spray from EVERPRO and it’s a lifesaver. It even adds a bit of extra volume! I’ve tried so many products that claim to cover up roots (since I always push it between visits to the salon =X) and they’re either an awful color or an icky consistency, but this one is a total #GemFind in my book!

10.) A New Hair Care Routine

Let’s face it, you’ve done a number on you hair in 2016. ‘Tis the season to refresh, rejuvenate, and new beginnings, so it’s time to breakup with the breakage. The Revive System (below) from Kenra Professional will make all your hair resolutions come true. The shampoo ($40) alone strengthens from the cuticle for 95% less breakage after the very first use and the Revive Complex ($22) did wonders for restoring my dry, brittle ends.

10 Things to Treat Yourself to This Month - Kenra Professional Revive System

Which one will you treat yourself to first, Gem?

**This post may contain affiliate and sponsored links because we all have to pay our bills, and I’d rather keep creating awesome content for you than get a real job. All opinions are my own.**



  • Rebecca Nash

    Love love love this!
    Thank you for including photography in here. It’s so important to update your headshots and personal branding photos regularly and professionally to be the best representation of yourself. I am a photographer and sometimes guilty of this one myself (don’t worry – already in conversation with a great photographer I just love to do new personal branding photos for me too)
    I am also working on…
    – a tangible reminder of cutting to the chase and not hiding my shine
    – including workouts and meditation in my regular routine for my physical and mental health too

    Let’s rock 2017

    • Looks like you’re well on your way for setting yourself up for success in the new year, Rebecca! What are you going to do to hold yourself accountable for making these changes??

      • Rebecca Nash

        Checklist (I like them a lot)
        Making workouts, nutrition, gratitude journal, and meditation part of our daily routine as a family
        Decorate the office at home at the office in a motivational way

      • Accountability is not my strong suit but I’m working on it