3 Tips for Helping Your Friends and Family Understand What It’s Like To Own A Business

Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding and draining path to choose or both depending on the day! You probably came up with a great concept or product for your business, developed a business plan and came up with unique marketing techniques. You were so excited to get the word out because you just knew all of your friends and family would immediately be supportive, right? Well, I know it’s not that simple and at this point if you have launched your business you most likely do too.

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It’s not that your friends and family don’t care about your new venture. They care and support you just as they have done for years. A lot of the time they don’t understand the support that is needed from the outside to help your business really succeed. They didn’t get to watch Steve Jobs sitting in his garage building computers, all they know is that now they can go to the Apple store and buy one. A lot of the time, when you don’t see the behind the scenes work we (The Entrepreneur) make it seem easy!

3 Tips for Helping Your Friends and Family Understand What It's Like To Own A Business

I have proven time after time within my own social media feeds that a photo promoting my business will get much less support from friends and family than a photo of let’s say a wedding, my fiancé and I, or even sometimes what I ate for lunch. Small business owners, I know you can relate!

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The good news is you CAN overcome this. Here are some ways that I have found work in helping your friends and family understand what it’s like to own a business and gain their support:

1. Ask For Support

You aren’t asking for money, you are asking for emotional support and Facebook engagement! Tell the people that are important to you how hard you have worked to start your business and how many hours you have put into building the website, creating a prototype, etc. Get them emotionally invested in your business and they will want to support you in anyway they can.

2. Test Market

Family and friends are the perfect test market for your new business! For example, with The Cookie Cups brand, when I create a new flavor I bring samples to family and friends to get feedback before selling them. They will give me honest feedback and suggestions and in return they get FREE COOKIE CUPS! I mean, what could be better?

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3. Inspire Them

Entrepreneurs have one thing in common. We are all inspired by an idea that leads us to create something different. Whether it was because of a need, a want or just to follow your passion, you have a story to tell. Gather your friends and family together and present your new business from start to finish. Explain your ideas, why it’s different, why it works and where it’s going. Make them feel as inspired as you do everyday.

Now you have the tools to help your family understand your business and it’s path in hopes that they will in turn support you on your venture. You can do this and it is my hope for you that you get all of the support you need to help your business thrive! And whenever you’re feeling unsupported, you know you can come and hang out in the Facebook Group, which is filled with entrepreneurs who are always there for each other (if you own a business, you can get access to the Facebook Group by signing up here)!