5 Reasons Why You Need to Give Words to Your Heart and Share Your Story

I have news for you. Ready for it? You have something extraordinary.

I know that it can be so easy to look outside of yourself and think that is where the answers are. But I think it is time for you to take a moment to look within. You see that beating heart in you? You see that story that is only yours to tell? You see the journey that you’ve walked for yourself?

Those things are your power.

I’ve got five reasons for you why now is the perfect time to give words to your heart and share your story.

Your story creates connection.

When you share your story, the good and bad and all of the in between, it sparks a genuine connection with people. People can look at you and feel like they know you and you get them. That gives you the starting point to build relationship with people in a powerful way.

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Your breakthrough is an invitation for someone else.

Wherever in your life that you have experienced growth and transformation can be a point of invitation for someone else. You can use that part of your story to say, “hey, if I have experienced this, so can you.” A lot of people get stuck in their stuff, their fear, and their discouragement, you get to be a catalyst in their life for what’s really possible.

Your heart wants to speak.

The truth is that you have things to say. You’ve got opinions and passions and experiences that have given you a voice. Don’t keep those things inside because they were born to come out. Tell the world what you think. Tell the world what you’re pondering. Tell the world what you’ve learned. Every time you do, someone will be better for it.

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Your impact happens on the other side of vulnerability.

The greatest impact we can make is not only found in our amazing graphics and polished skills, but on the other side of our vulnerability. In the revealing of who we are and what we have to give. The more you put syllables to your heart and story and share what is really going on in there, the bigger and wider your impact gets.

Your business stands out when you show up as yourself.

Here’s some of my biggest advice to you — you are amazing. And when you show up as yourself, it gives you a unique edge. I know the pressure. The pressure to be a certain way or sound a certain way, but you as yourself are more powerful than any other thing. So, do it up.

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Give words to your heart and share your story. We’re ready to hear all that you’ve got to give and I cannot wait to see how it changes you and your business in the process as you step up and speak.

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Heart Encourager + Speaker Ashley Beaudin with five reasons why now is the perfect time to give words to your heart and share your story.