5 Tips to Put the Cheer Back into Holiday Hosting

Hosting. When I think about it, my skin crawls. It crawls mainly because of all the cleanup. Dishes are my nemesis. I’ll let them pile up and start to smell before I wash them.  If only they can magically sparkle and put themselves away, this girl would be happy.

And the stress! I don’t even know why I put makeup on. I sweat buckets running around ensuring everyone is having a holly jolly time. I crack a smile while pouring them another mug of hot cocoa and quietly whisper, “help me,” between my teeth.

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Literally, help a girl out. The feet are on fire.

When the moment comes for me to finally sit down and prop up the feet, I look around and the guests are gone {smh}.

Where did the Christmas fun go? Then the Grinch lady surfaces and swears she will never do this again.

Not this year! No sir! I’m putting my foot down. I will enjoy Christmas (the cookies, the presents, the tree). I will sit down and chit chat and have a grand ole time! I will put the cheer back into holiday hosting and want to do it again.

How to Put the Cheer back into Holiday Hosting:

  1. Plan your party with delegation as top priority. Girl, you cannot do this all by yourself. That’s why your feet are on fire. So, set a menu and task list, pick what you want to take care of (such as decorating a Cozy Quilt Christmas Mantel or opting for making a crockpot side dish like this awesome slow cooker cranberry sauce), then delegate everything else out to your family and friends. Doing this will create a calm atmosphere in your household that will have you singing a carol or two.
  2. Create a Facebook Group to communicate updates all in one spot Create a group page to get a personalized URL (facebook.com/groups/AllynLewisHolidayBash). An event will give you a long number – which will not look pretty on a physical invite. Yes, you still need to send out physical invitations. It’s classy. And you’re a classy gal. Plus, it will ensure Nana is coming (Facebook; what’s that?). Put the group page’s URL on the invite; so, guests know to check it out.  If a change comes up, everyone can communicate it there instead of having to text everyone or make a personal phone call. You can assign tasks there. Pin lists to the top of the page. You know, all that Facebook stuff we do all the time. Give the page an awesome banner using Canva (a free social media graphic design program) to get guests excited. Canva has a Facebook cover template for you to use to add pictures and text to; so, you don’t have to figure out the dimensions. Less brain use is always great in my book when hosting an event.
  3. Set the atmosphere with a rockin’ Christmas playlist. A party is not a party without music. Music sets the tone for the environment and can make or break a party. Create a free one on Spotify and have it playing in the background (this Holiday Bash list is a great one to get you started). Simply make a login using your Facebook account; and, you can start creating your ultimate holiday hosting play list.
  4. Break the ice with a festive game. All you need is a mason jar, festive ribbon, 20 giant Popsicle sticks and a marker. Write Christmas words (such as Rudolph, Buddy the Elf, Holiday Shopper, etc.) on the Popsicle sticks with the marker; put them in the mason jar; and, tie ribbon around the jar. Split the guests up (guys vs. girls); decide what team goes first; one member draws a stick and acts out the word (it’s Christmas Charades); give a time limit; keep points, keep alternating team members. Make up the rules. Have fun. Losers take out the trash.
  5. Make cleanup easy by using paper products. Dishes can be a nightmare! And since they’re my nemesis, I’m not using the china. No way. Get festive with the paper products. You can buy a Christmas Collection and even order to-go coffee cups from Susty Party; and, you don’t have to feel guilty using paper.  Just throw them in your compost pile or take them to a compost facility; and, they’ll break down into usable compost. No dishes equals a happier hostess. You can sit down, relax and enjoy your company knowing you don’t have 2 hours of cleanup welcoming you.

Using these 5 tips will make hosting easier. You’ll get to enjoy your party; your makeup will stay in place; and you won’t have to ice those pretty, little feet of yours the next day.


  • Thank you for this post! We are hosting Christmas this year and I’m dreading it!! These tips will definitely help!

    Thank you,


    • Don’t dread it girl! Just remember to keep it simple. Nobody notices the hole in the ceiling or that your floors aren’t mopped. As long as you don’t stress about it and point it out, it will all get overlooked. All they will remember is the awesome time they had.