8 Stylish, Affordable and Easy DIY Gift Ideas!

Small budget this holiday season? I can relate! A new house, a few new things for the new house (because of course, right?), plus a whole lot of unexpected expenses that tend to crop up (without fail!) just before spendy season arrives, and, well let’s just say Christmas this year will be less about waiting at the check out and more about lining up some easy and stylish handcrafted gifts. ‘Tis officially the season to share your creativity, your time, and handiwork with these great DIY gift ideas!

A little note before we start- DIY and I have traditionally had a rocky relationship, so when it came time to rounding up DIY gift ideas for small budgets this Christmas, my main requirements were to find projects that were affordable (natch) but also ones that were easy and quick. I think I’ve got a good selection here! Ready? Let’s get into it!

Brownie Mix in a Jar
Love to bake? How about whipping up a dessert mix in a jar with all of the ingredients already in your pantry like this lovely DIY from Evermine Occasions? Delicious, easy and perfectly sweet for the holidays. This would actually be a great gift to assemble with the kids for their teachers. So much nicer than a gift card!

Clay Leaf Bowls

Feeling artistic? I absolutely adore these wonderfully sophisticated clay leaf bowls from Urban Comfort. What a great DIY! These would be so perfect to hold little trinkets on top of a dressing table. Depending on how artsy you want to get, you could even apply gold leaf to add some shimmer or paint them black for added drama.

Homemade Hanging Banners

Speaking of artistic expressions, this a great home decor DIY that will allow you to express yourself in style- homemade hanging banners from I Spy DIY! These banners are great for displaying everywhere- from nurseries and playrooms to hanging above your desk or in a hallway. The best part is they’re no-sew and you’re really not limited when it comes to choosing a size or a phrase. I can think of a few choice phrases that I would love to have around my home (“Everyday I’m hustlin'”, anyone?).

Marbled Plant Pots

If your giftee is a plant-lover and always on the hunt for stylish and one-of-a-kind planters, these DIY marbled plant pots from Vintage Revivals will do the trick! Not only are they gorgeous, they’re super simple and you get to see the finished product almost immediately. Factor in some drying time and you really only need a day from dipping to sitting pretty under the tree!

Mini Wooden Succulent Planters

This next one is such a clever idea from Earnest Home Co. and so darn cute! You know the little bun feet for furniture that you can get at hardware stores? Yup, that’s what these little wooden succulent planters are made of! All you need is a drill, pliers, some soil and succulents. Bonus: succulents are easy plants to care for, y’all.

Hanging Wooden Half Frame

If your giftee has a mid-century modern sensibility and loves art, then I’m sure they’ll love this DIY hanging half frame from Design Sponge. So chic and stylish, it’s kind of hard to believe it’s DIY. Pair it with a favorite photo you’ve taken and you’ll have a completely one-of-a-kind gift!

Colourful Paper Animal Masks

My 4.5 year old loves pretend play so I know he would love to receive these DIY animal masks this year. I actually don’t know any pre-schoolers who wouldn’t be delighted with these handcrafted masks from La maison de Loulou! These are super simple and you really only need paper, glue, and markers- all things you likely already have around the house. This would also be a great craft to do together with your kids for favorite cousins and best friends at school.

Painted Woven Baskets

To round off this list, here’s one more DIY for the homebody and decor enthusiast in your life- DIY painted woven baskets from Lovely Indeed. Tape off a pattern, grab some paint and go for it! You can create a whole set of these for use throughout the house. I particularly love simple stripes but I’ve also seen geometric patterns and they look equally showstopping.

And there you have it! 8 great stylish, affordable and easy DIY gift ideas for small budgets! I hope you’ve found one or two (or more!) DIY gift ideas for your friends and family. If you do create any of these, be sure to tag #gemnation and #sofreshandsochic on Instagram. I would love to see your crafty side!

Is there a particular DIY you’re just dying to try? Leave me a comment below and tell me about it!

  • One of my favorite birthday presents from the last few years was a couple of succulents that a friend planted in jars for me. They are low maintenance and a pretty reminder of our friendship

  • Thank you SO MUCH Ally for sharing my work. Have a wonderful weekend. Marie-Laure

    • Your blog is adorable! Thank you for the great inspiration!