A New Perspective on Failure

Does this sound familiar? 

You’re a go-getter. A problem solver. You never take a minute to stop because you need to use every hour of the day since that’s the only way to hustle your dreams into reality

Then, all of the sudden, something in your plan of attack doesn’t go the right way. Your whole day is thrown out of whack. Ugh. Before even taking half a second to breathe, you automatically start thinking about how you can solve the problem. You can’t waste time and you’ve got to come up with another solution immediately. Right? 


Before you do ANYTHING – before you freakout, cry, breakdown, etc. – STOP. Then, find a new perspective. Turn your mind around and look at what the hiccup at hand is trying to tell you. Maybe you don’t have to find a whole new solution. Maybe you just need to make a few tweaks (which is a lot less stressful). Try these out: 

  • Tell a friend about the current issue – get a fresh view from someone with an open mind who can see what you might be missing. 
  • Acknowledge that you may be part of the problem – you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. 
  • Think about if it’s even a real problem. Are you breaking something that doesn’t need fixed? Will the customer or client even notice the flaw? I can’t tell you how many times I freaked out about something only to wake up the next day and realize it wasn’t even a big deal. 
  • Become aware of the source of your current perspective. Are you looking at the big picture or the small one? Are you thinking like a boss (you shouldn’t be – you should be thinking like the consumer)? Are you bringing in something personal that ultimately is irrelevant?
  • Check in with your intention. Do your efforts match up with the result you’re trying to achieve? Are you trying to fix something just because you’re afraid of failing (more on this below)? 
  • Most importantly, be empowered by the fact that you get to choose your own perspective. You get to bring the vibe to the current place you’re in. It is entirely up to you whether you’re going to supply light or darkness. 

There is power in perspective.

The moments that I have failed have been some of the most rewarding places in my life. I’ve come to love failing. Failing is SO valuable and you cannot reach success without it. Appreciate the failures. Soak up every single lesson, perspective, and experience from failing that you can. Failing provides an incredible amount of knowledge that we fail to appreciate far too often.  

Did this inspire you? Do you like my rants or are they driving you crazy? I NEED your feedback! Immediately after you read this post, reply in the comments and tell me how you feel without even thinking about it. Talk to me people! =) 

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