A PR Girl with a Heart of Gold

“You live and you learn.”

AngelinaThat’s PR girl Angelina Simms’s favorite quote, and she definitely has the experience to back it up!

Aside from her day job in Dallas as a social and digital media strategist, Angelina has found many ways to “give back.” Some indulge her athletic side, including walking to benefit autism research, racing to fund a sensory-friendly special needs playground, and coaching track and field for Special Olympics. Other volunteer work makes good use of her PR skills, including coordinating events and promoting them through social media and community outreach. Fortunately, her PR work stems from a true passion for the industry.

“My favorite thing about PR is how well it goes with social media. There are can be so many variables when it comes to dealing with brands and what works. It’s like pairing cheese with a glass of wine: once you find that perfect match, it’s like your taste buds are in heaven.”

Is there any better way to describe the industry? I think not.

She’s even worked as a crisis intervention counselor.

“It could be challenging at times facing situations with clients who are dealing with some very intense situations, whether it was a young person contemplating suicide, or even a young mother who felt that she was at the end of her rope facing domestic violence. Probably the most rewarding parts of my work as a crisis intervention counselor were when I received notes asking to speak with me again, or just to thank me for lending an ear.”

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Angelina is also an advocate for the autistic population, and hopes to spread the message that people with autism are still just people, and their diagnosis doesn’t define who they are as individuals.

“I often encounter people who think that autism is the same for everyone. The saying definitely holds true that, ‘Once you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met ONE person with autism.’ ”

In her free time, she likes running, Zumba, reading, photography, and spending time with her son, who she cites as one of her main inspirations to help others.

“He is one of the most giving, caring, non-judgmental and lovable people that I know.”

And what career path would she like to pursue in the future?

“There are so many different things!,” she says. “My mind is always going with what my interests are!” PR pros can definitely relate, am I right?

“I know that I want to have more of an active role in advocating for those with autism and other special needs on a bigger scale than just the local level. There are so many needs that are not being met for those with autism and their loved ones who work so hard everyday to support them. I also want to provide more opportunities for those in diverse autism communities to gain access to resources.”

“I definitely would like to work more in the visual side of branding to help enhance the user’s experience. I’d also would love to be able to work on community outreach and help build connections and relationships with brands. It’s important for brands to have some form of dialogue with their end users no matter what their product is.”

With her drive and her heart of gold, I have no doubt that Angelina can achieve her dreams and then some!

Follow her on Twitter @AngelinaSimms.

Here’s to making a difference,
Callie Rose // @CallieRose36