Accessories to Amplify Your Outdoor Workout

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Well at least that is the motto we tell ourselves in the morning, because (let’s be real) finding time to workout, have a career, spend time with your family, all while having a social life is exhausting. That is why having these workout tools in your home is so important! When you don’t have time to go to the gym, which can be 15-30 minutes drive time plus the exercise itself, use these accessories to amplify your outdoor workout. Your neighbors may even want to start a workout club when they see you out there doing your thing, and then the whole block will be doing pilates, yoga or zumba in your back yard. Think of the endless possibilities, and all you have to do is have some killer workout gear.

1. Running Floral-Print Shell Hooded Jacket – $193.00

Running on a treadmill is great, but running outside is even better. Now a light rain can’t even stop you with this cute, floral jacket by Stella McCartney.

2. Smart Stuff Natural Insect Repeller – $15.99

It is a given that when you are outside, creepy crawlers and flying bugs will bother you, because technically you are in their territory. Why not spray a little of this repeller on so the bugs can buzz off and you can workout in peace? It’s a win, win. Check out their water resistant sunscreen too!

3. Nike ‘Vital’ 58mm Sunglasses – $136.00

On those super sunny days you are going to need shades to block the rays, and maybe the tears from feeling the burn of those squats you are doing.

4. CALIA Tight Fit Capris – $65.00

CALIA activewear is a Gem favorite. There is something about Carrie Underwood that inspires you to work towards legs like hers. If she is wearing them, then so am I!

5. S’well Dark Forest 17-oz. Reusable Bottle – $35.00

Keeps your drink cool so you don’t have to worry about chugging warm water at the end of your workout. Bonus: This reusable bottle is really cute and practical.

6. Women’s Vida RZX Training Shoe  – $54.99

Fun, yet comfortable shoes are so hard to come by for a good price.

7. Watchitude – $21.99

Not only does it help you keep track of your workout time, but this watch would also be perfect on a yacht with a flowy white blouse and a cute fedora.

8.  Jute Yoga Mat Seaway – $58.00

This mat was made from crops, so when you practice yoga you can actually become one with nature.