Accessories to Tranquilify Your Home

Purple is the color of red and blue combined. Think about this. Red is warming and blue is cooling so basically purple is the ultimate balance, and this is also why it has so much symbolism behind it. Purple is a force to be reckoned with, like the purple hearts soldiers receive for bravery. Yet at the other end of the spectrum it is calming, like flowers in an open field. No matter what way you see the color purple, there is no denying the effect of its calmness. Now your home can be balanced and can help you feel relaxed after a long day of work or fun so that you can decorate your home to facilitate your success!

1. Ursula Table Lamp from Currey & Company – $590.00

The lamp has a glass body infused with deep plum, creating a gorgeous lavender. The lamp is perfect for next to the bed or in a home office.

2. ‘All of Us Stars’ Soy Candle from Nordstrom – $14.40

This vintage print and inspirational quote stand out on a sustainably sourced, lavender-scented candle housed in a reusable glass container that doubles as a conversation-sparking vase or pencil holder. 4 1/2″ height, 60-hour burn time and made of natural soy wax/glass. You can’t go wrong.

3. Luminescence Pillow (10 in. x 14 in.) from Nourison – $73.99

Jewelry for your rooms, this elegantly handcrafted rhinestone, bead and embroidered collection adds a touch of sparkle to your day. The right use of this embellished, yet soft pillow makes a perfect addition to any room in one’s home.

4. Lavender Room Mist (8 fl oz (240 ml)) from Pelindaba Lavender – $14

Bringing the fragrance of blooming lavender fields inside, Pelindaba’s Lavender Room Mist is a wonderful freshener for bathrooms, boats, cars or any other small, contained area you spend time in.

5. Ombre Centerpiece Vase 12” from Lenox at Macy’s – $80.99

Stunning on its own, the Organics amber vase from Lenox makes an impact sans bouquet. Heavy crystal with a playful ruffled edge and vivid hue tops tables and shelves with artful elegance.

6. Mid-Summer Night Print Series from Julia Contacessi – Starting at $60.00

With a focus on color, texture and composition, Julia strives to deliver an atmospheric, feel-good effect in every one of her paintings. She wants the viewer to get lost in a daydream when viewing her work. Her focus is on finding your sense of calm, a sort of meditative escapism allowing you the joy of a mind adrift.

7. Karlin Purple Glass Bottles from Premier Home and Gifts – $139.99

Inspired by vintage apothecary labels aged to perfection, these Karlin Purple Glass Bottles add a cool vintage vibe to your home decor.  This item is hand made. Sizes are approximate. Color variations and imperfections are the characteristics of hand craftsmanship.

8. Sutton Glider Classic Style from CH Living – $699.00

After a long hard day the best way to relax is to sink into a comfortable chair and let your stress melt away. This style chair was born in the smoking lounges of the 1930s. The back is squared off for a more modern appeal but is also a loose pillow back providing the ultimate feel and comfort. Glide and swivel, this chair has a mechanism that soothes you quietly.