An Easy Way to Send a Sweet Gift

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a dreamer, a do-er, a trailblazing creative ready to bring something new to the world. In all your moving and shaking, chances are, gift giving is just another line on your to-do list.

Looking for a last minute gift? Here's a sweet choice!

(excuse my crazy hair, of course it decided to rain when Kate Stutz and I shot these – but I was determined to share the sweetness of Sugarwish with you ASAP and didn’t want to reschedule!)

You’re not alone… Not too long ago, two busy moms in Denver were thinking the same thing. In our techy society obsessed with convenience, we’ve lost the art of selecting a unique, personalized gift to give to our loved ones. Gifting is supposed to be about celebrating and acknowledging special moments and milestones in life, not mindlessly handing cash (and gift cards) back in forth. Thank goodness there’s now a sweet, clever solution with Sugarwish!

The sweetest holiday gift you can give!

All you (the giver) needs to do is pick a Sugarwish option and one of their witty, heart felt e-cards (above is the sweet note that was in my Sugarwish email from their talented PR girl – thank goodness I made the nice list, I was worried about that). Then, your Sugarwish is delivered into the recipient’s inbox literally within minutes (or you can select any date in the future). The now incredibly happy receiver hops online and selects what candy they want in their Sugarwish from over 80 selections (even gluten free and savory nut options). Sweetness is then delivered promptly to them in the mail! And that’s it – wish granted!

A sweet delivery! How Sugarwish works:

From the signature blue box and silky red ribbon, to the red and white candy stripes that playfully cover the inside, the packaging is just lovely.

Sugarwish is the perfect gift for every occasion – get well soon, birthdays, baby showers, a last minute holiday gift (for your procrastinations) or even just a simple “thank you”. Or, gift yourself a sweet treat for all the hard work you do every day – TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE.

Looking for a last minute gift? Here's a sweet choice!

PS – Did you catch my Jennifer Shrug from Evy’s Tree again?! OBSESSED. Perfect for this rollercoaster weather in Pittsburgh.