Are You Blogging for the Right Reasons?

There are so many amazing people that start a blog everyday. Whether it’s to document their life or share their passion about anything from beauty to business, there’s a blog niche for everyone. I think for so many of us, we want to start a blog and create an online presence because we have an aching desire for a creative outlet. We want a space that we can call our own to share our insights and projects. Blogging is a beautiful expression of our creativity.

While anyone can start a blog, it’s also important to understand why you are starting one. Is it to get famous? Do you want to get free stuff from companies? Are you wanting to write a rant everyday about life’s woes? If any of these are a yes, it’s time to rethink your why and simply keep a personal journal for your rants.

However, there are some wonderfully productive reasons to sink into the blogging community and find your online space to call home. My blogging experience has lead me down some incredible paths that wouldn’t have happened any other way. It’s truly a gift that keeps giving if you put all the right reasons and motivations into your blog.

Cultivate Community. Cultivating a community around your blog establishes a connection with your readers. They are the people that love you, and that you reach out to with your insights and resources. Also, becoming part of a community with other bloggers that are like minded helps you feel like you’re not alone. Ultimately, be an amazing member of your blogging community and you’ll see that people will return the love in kind.

Share Value. When you freely share your knowledge, you show not only that you are an expert, but that you genuinely care about your readers. One of the greatest ways to share value with your readers is to solve a problem for them. This leaves your readers with something that they didn’t have before, and ultimately gives them a reason to come back and become a member of your community.

Express Your Creativity. If you are constantly working on projects and wanting to have a space to share and express your creativity, a blog is the perfect outlet for you. From DIY posts to poetry to your insights on a business topic, having your own online space makes it simple to share who you are as a creative and expert.

Tell Your Story. You have your own unique voice, experience, and personality to share with others, and it’s the perfect reason to be blogging about what you love. One of the best ways to do this is to weave in your personality, or a personal story, into your posts. Making yourself vulnerable and putting yourself out there on your blog allows your reader to have a true connection with your content.

So whether you’re starting a blog or are a seasoned blogger, making sure you are blogging for the right reason is always an important discussion to have with yourself. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  1. What is the end goal of my blog?
  2. Who do I want to be reaching out to with my content?
  3. What kind of problems am I going to help solve for my readers?
  4. What projects or advice can I share?
  5. What is the personal story I want to tell?

If you start to ask yourself these kind of questions, your why will become clear, you’ll be blogging with purpose, and you’ll be blogging for all of the right reasons.

  • Great post, this is absolutely true.

    • Sheryl

      I’m overjoyed to find out that I’m blogging for all the right reasons. I’m finding out not only do I have an amazing life but of course others do as well. Well done smartly written!

    • Hey Jeramey! Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you like it!

      • You’re welcome, I have found your posts to be quite helpful and relevant. It definitely makes blogging much easier when you find passion in your own work.

  • I agree completely. I’ve always said that once it feels like a job I dread, it’s time to quit. But I don’t see that day ever coming 🙂

  • Thanks for this reminder! Sometimes I wonder just how much other people care about what I’m blogging about (WordPress tutorials), but it’s stuff that I LOVE and I love to share.

    So, yes, I’m blogging for the right reasons. Thanks!

  • These are such great questions. I started my blog as a creative outlet, and while it definitely still fits that bill, I do want to define a more narrow purpose for it.

  • great points! I think most people want their blogs to grow because we believe we’re making worthwhile contributions to the Internet, but I truly believe I’d continue to post even if the only people reading were my family and friends. I just love to write.

  • I try to re-evaulate why I blog pretty consistently to make sure I am doing it for the right reasons. This is a great post about why blogging can be awesome..:)

  • Eva

    I enjoyed reading this post, it was a good reminder. I enjoy writing and at times I just let my mind wander

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  • Thank you for this great post! I think it is easy to lose focus on why we started a blog. What a great reminder.

    • When it’s no longer any fun I won’t be a blogger anymore:)

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