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5 Reasons Why You Need to Give Words to Your Heart and Share Your Story

I have news for you. Ready for it? You have something extraordinary. I know that it can be so easy to look outside of yourself and think that is where the answers are. But I think it is time for you to take a moment to look within. You see that beating heart in you? You see that story that is only yours to tell? You see the journey that you’ve walked for yourself? Those things are your power. I’ve got five reasons for you why now is the perfect time to give words to your heart and share your story. Your story creates connection. When you share your story, the good and bad and all of the in between, it sparks a genuine connection with people. People can look at you and feel like they know you and you get them. That gives you the starting point to build relationship with people in a

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How to Make Your Dreams Happen When You Feel Overwhelmed

Listen, I know that life is hard sometimes and the to-do list feels longer than the West Nile. We have responsibilities and bills and consequences that simply just need to be taken care of. There are not unlimited hours and space to look into the air and think again, “Now what was the dream?”    In fact, most often we are straight-up overwhelmed by the thought of having or pursuing any dream. You know when you look at it and it seems so big and your to do list is already overwhelming you and you think, “how in the world are you supposed to do both?”    And I think what so many people forget is that dreams were not made to be overwhelming and likely if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is not because of a dream but a lack of one. Somehow, somewhere you are living out of

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