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Why Eliminating Your Comfort Zone Should Be Priority Number One

I sat in the waiting room at the edge of my seat, heart racing, minding my posture, rehearsing my elevator pitch, and recalling the helpful reminder from a friend, “confidence and poise.” It was the same friend, who disclosed earlier, his enjoyment of job interviews. I thought, what could anyone possibly like about the pressures and nerve wrecking experience that transpires within those four walls of a conference room? He then explained that it was a great opportunity to share with a company all the great insights and skills that he had to offer. It sounds simple enough, but what really hit me was his firm conviction, matter of fact nature in that statement. It was an attitude that I lacked, not that I was unconfident in my skills, but that I lacked the eagerness to divulge and more importantly, the ability to acknowledge my comfort zone. I found solace in isolation which occasionally involved social

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The Importance of Maintaining Emotional Intelligence via Social Media

Don’t Ruin Your Online Presence Due to Lack of Self-control We all know that in this day and age, your online presence is your personal brand. One that needs to be managed in a manner that appeals to an employer. It is the first impression you will make and if it’s not looking so good, it might just be your last. The content you post on social media reflects much about who you are and what you value. And yes, maybe, you’re not as cynical as perceived by your Twitter followers, which could be friends, families, previous employers, or other networks. Maybe Aunty Mae might be forgiving of that insensitive remark you made on Facebook, but think about Julie or Professor Zhang from college who might stumble on such content. Would they be ok with it? We’ve probably all experienced threads on Facebook where someone is being called out for something, such as making an anti-Muslim comment

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