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Confidence Can Come from Our Worst Moments

Over the past few years, we’ve seen so many different opinions on how to build confidence and how to truly love ourselves. We praise celebrities that admit that they, too, have stretch marks and we celebrate every plus size model strutting down the runway. We have developed such a fixation on confidence coming from accepting our outward appearance that we do not realize our greatest source of confidence comes from our own strength. Without looking at confidence as multi-faceted and complex concept, we lose sight of how our experiences—both painful and pretty—play an equally important role in the of developing confidence and loving our appearances. RELATED: What Being Cyberbullied Taught Me about Social Media To be honest, confidence coming from a source outside of body positivity didn’t exist in my world for many, many years of my life. It wasn’t until I went on a date with a man who had recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan that I had

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Bloggers Know Best: Natasha Kundi

From fitness to fashion, Natasha Kundi’s lifestyle blog discusses it all. Not only does Natasha offer great product reviews, but her wide range of posts and topics allow her to share wisdom and experience with a large selection of readers. We adore Natasha’s fun, insightful blog and love her upbeat, down-to-earth attitude. A seasoned blogger, Natasha has grown her blog into a one-stop lifestyle blog that offers realistic and helpful advice, reviews and ideas. We always find ourselves looking for the best products and Natasha Kundi’s blog is the answer to that! From beauty to fitness, we love how Natasha’s blog is an outlet that lets her cover tons of topics. This experienced blogger reveals her top tips for blogging, writing and life in our exclusive interview below!:   How did you begin blogging?   I used to write poetry and prose in my college days, around 12 – 14

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Bloggers Know Best: The Darling Two

Combining West Coast and East Coast fashion all into one ultra-chic blog, Courtney and Stephanie from the Darling Two are equal parts inspiring and fashionable. With tons of outfit inspiration, these two beautiful bloggers have developed a wide-read blog that showcases their bond and mutual love of fashion. Our favorite part of Darling Two? They’re personalities! Both bloggers are incredibly kind and helpful, ready to answer any of our fashion questions so you can go about looking your best.   Having the two perspectives (and wardrobe!), readers get an inside look on how these lifelong best friends have balanced a cross-country friendship, careers and family life! Courtney and Stephanie are two of our favorite bloggers for all things fashion and inspire us on the daily to update our wardrobe! Want to see what their top blogging tips are? Read our exclusive interview with this two blogging beauties below!:   Where

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The Key Report: Dainty Jewels

Because sometimes small elegant details can make just as much of a statement as the big bold pieces… 1. Skyler Man Jewelry – Double Ram Cuff Bracelet, Antiqued Sterling Silver & Marquis emerald eyes ($500.00, 2. Kara Ross New York – Cava Pendant In 18K Gold With Blue Topaz Inset ($1,800.00, 3. Lifetherapy – Blue & Purple Ombre Silk Wrap, Color inspires and enhances MOOD ($38.00, 4. Pink Bubbly Shop – Margo Earrings by Lisi Lerch in midnight ($78.00, 5. Coral & Stone Jewelry – Striped Choker Necklace ($65.00, 6. Golightly Jewelry – Stacked Rings, Jewelry that makes a difference (COMING SOON, 7. Viva la Jewels – Wish Bone Pendant Set ($21.99, 8. Elena Fomina Design – KATE bracelet, Cool metallic glow of hematite beads and brilliance of perfectly cut Swarovski facets (   ### For feature interest, image and/or interview requests contact for any of the above brands: Allyn Lewis

Bloggers Know Best: Darling Be Daring

Equal parts fabulous and fun, Darling Be Daring is a top resource for some lifestyle inspiration. Working as both an online magazine and a blog, Darling Be Daring is run by two blogging superstars, Jolene and Desiree. Incredible fashion sense is well matched with bubbly personalities making Darling Be Daring an authority on all things chic.     Like traditional print magazines, Darling Be Daring offers a wide variety of insightful articles, from cooking to fashion. Learn how to create DIY masterpieces or whip up some tasty treats with Darling Be Daring’s help. Not only do these girls have tips (and clothes!) to die for, but their bright personalities and big hearts shine through all that they do. If their impeccable style doesn’t win you over, then their bubbly personalities will. These dedicated bloggers are hard at work cultivating a devout online following that believe in filling their days with

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The Key Report: Key Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guide prep! Lucky for you, we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite finds with all of the details you need to make curating your gift guides just a bit easier. We hope you love these items as much as we do!   1. Amalie – The Wink Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer uses elements from nature to boost your natural beauty ($39.00, 2. Vienna Victoria – Lala Necklace, made with Swarovski Elements ($80.00, 3. Peachy Keen Perfume – Torrey Pines 60ml Eau de Parfum, Sexy Fall & Winter Fragrance ($48.00, 4. All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe – A Fashion Editor’s Rules on Shopping for Love by Stephanie Simons, THE must-have style book of the season ($16.95, 5. Tidal Cool – Chic Grey Cape, Gorgeous must have for the cold weather ($110.00, 6. Lucy Marie Denim – Cigarette, features “Lucy Lift” technology in the rear as well as contoured waistband ($117.00,

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Unlock Blogspiration with the Key Blogger Network

At Relevé Public Relations, we’re dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their fullest potential with our services and skills, so why should bloggers be any different? You may have heard of our innovative Key Pointes Program, a monthly subscription service that allows businesses to sample PR services, but now we’re creating something just for bloggers! From media kits to brand relations, we’ve got the know-how on taking your blog to the next level. Whether you want to increase your traffic with our promotional services or you’re looking to develop key relationships with businesses, we’re offering a wide variety of monthly services to help your blog grow and prosper. As PR pros (and bloggers on the side!), we know what separates the good blogs from the great, and we want to help get you there! Not only will you receive valuable guides, customized services and exclusive tips, but you’ll be

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Bloggers Know Best: A Sparkle Factor

We’re currently swooning over a certain sparkly blog that combines incredible fashion with personal styling services to die for. Meet Stephanie, blogger extraordinaire from A Sparkle Factor, a blogger devoted to helping us unlock some fabulous fashion inspiration. As a personal stylist, Stephanie shares her top favorite brands, styles and trends with her readers to keep them fashionably informed. From Twitter chats to fabulous posts, A Sparkle Factor is one girl’s stylish approach to the world, filled with tips and tricks to help you transform your style.   The best part? Stephanie was willing to share her expert advice for all the bloggers out there wanting to transform their blogs into one that sparkles.   What inspired you to start a blog?   I started my blog during a major transitional period in my life and career. I had been living in New York and working my dream job in

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