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From fitness to fashion, Natasha Kundi’s lifestyle blog discusses it all. Not only does Natasha offer great product reviews, but her wide range of posts and topics allow her to share wisdom and experience with a large selection of readers. We adore Natasha’s fun, insightful blog and love her upbeat, down-to-earth attitude. A seasoned blogger, Natasha has grown her blog into a one-stop lifestyle blog that offers realistic and helpful advice, reviews and ideas.

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We always find ourselves looking for the best products and Natasha Kundi’s blog is the answer to that! From beauty to fitness, we love how Natasha’s blog is an outlet that lets her cover tons of topics. This experienced blogger reveals her top tips for blogging, writing and life in our exclusive interview below!:


How did you begin blogging?


I used to write poetry and prose in my college days, around 12 – 14 years ago. I didn’t know what blogging was, all I knew was that my Gmail had a part called so I posted some of my work there. Writing was an outlet of my emotions and it helped me a lot in dealing with issues. That is why I say that I have been blogging for a long time but it kind of stopped once I stopped being a person controlled by her emotions.


When I moved to UK I became more practical and started dealing with my problems with a mentality that things will not be sorted until I do something about them. Problems I faced in Uk were a lot bigger than what I had experienced before. I always wanted to write about my experiences with people and places to help other people (or readers) avoid those kind of situations so they could be safe if they didn’t do things in a certain way. But because things were not as tech savvy as they are today, I can safely use lack of time and my circumstances as an excuse for not writing as much as I should have been writing.


The job that I was doing in London required a lot of email writing to top most universities all over the world so I learnt how to write in a professional and neutral tone. My emails were quite famous in my company and my writing skills were one thing that I was really confident and rightly proud of. I often thought I will become a writer one day and publish my own novel.


One thing that was a part of my life was love for makeup artistry and so I thought writing makeup tutorials, hauls and reviews will be a good idea and it will not be something as boring as poetry and prose etc so I started a blog called where I would review products and the exciting part was when companies started noticing my blog and started sending freebies. I gradually started writing about food ideas, home ideas, fashion, styling and travel. So it changed to a Lifestyle Blog which is what I truly love doing, there is something in it for everyone.

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What’s been the best way to grow your traffic?


There are a few things actually:


One major thing that we have all heard before and that may sound familiar is ‘Twitter’. Twitter gets one noticed and exposed to other users of ones own niche. Companies, brands and other bloggers who want to work with you will always find you on Twitter, no where else. I can say that with utmost confidence but one must know how to use all the right hashtags. It is not working with big brands that will get you noticed or bring traffic to your website. It is always the smaller ones. If one gets an opportunity to work with bigger brands, well and good but how many chances does your tweet have to be retweeted or replied to if it is about a big brand or company, I say zero. Probability is next to nil. Its because they do not need your opinion and your excitement barely ever matters to them. But when you write about a smaller brand that has say 500 to 3000 followers they will 99.9% of the time, retweet your tweet, tweet your post and have a bit of a conversation with you. Not only that, they will make sure they mention or tag you on their other social media accounts too.That is what makes you feel important and motivated. The feelings that you get from being able to help someone is immensely beautiful so you keep going on and on and that is what helps you to keep writing.


Another thing is Guest Posts, I have not done this at all I would say, plainly because I have been lazy. But at one occasion I wrote a guest post for someone’s blog who happened to be quite big in the beauty industry but when my post was published, there was no backlink to my blog which really annoyed me because the whole purpose of writing  a guest post is traffic. Guest posts are great for traffic but you must make sure that your backlink will be included.


Buying an advertising space on a good PR Blog or website is also a great idea but it does not really help a lot.


Other things like sharing your posts on different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media accounts brings a lot of traffic.


Exchanging link and networking with other bloggers also helps bring traffic.


Do you have any tools or tricks you use for your blog?


I do a lot of exchanging, like asking people to send me their blog addresses so they can check mine, following people for a follow back and things like that. Offering retweets to other bloggers. Contacting companies and asking them if they need any help in getting their products known.


Where do you find the inspiration to write so many posts?


I get inspiration from my everyday life. Things I buy, people I meet, places I visit, food I cook, decorations I do around my flat. A lot of times I get requested to write about certain things so it makes it easier. When you are writing reviews you never run out of ideas. Also its great to subscribe to other blogs for ideas and inspiration.

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Where do you see your blog in five years (or will you be blogging at all)?


Well, its a very tough competition out there but one thing is for sure, even if your blog is small it is still big for someone out there, trust me. There is something in it for every blogger. You will never be useless in your own eyes if you are a blogger. It gives you so much pleasure, honestly. The key to success is consistency, keep writing and keep networking. I see my blog to be quite big in 5 years, that is a long time because if you are consistent your blog will be somewhere in only 2 years. I do see myself travelling the world because of my blog and becoming an author of at least one book which could be an autobiography. I regularly get invited to fashion events where I get to meet other bloggers and celebrities. So I do believe that in just 10 months of blogging I am already somewhere but mind you, I am not earning anything through my blog yet, I still have a long way to go in that regard but I have given my own self an unpaid internship and work experience opportunity, fair enough.


Put Natasha’s tips to good use with your blog to help grow it into the blog of your dreams! Natasha is an experienced blogger dedicated to helping everyone find their new favorite product and experience wonderful adventures.


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  • I love this feature and all of the great tips Natasha had to share! One of my favorite’s is “even if your blog is small, you are big for someone out there” I agree. Blogging is about so much more than recognition, or money it is to me about sharing your gift, your story, and often a journal that you can use to reflect on your thoughts, ideas and life overall. Thanks for the tips about Twitter as well! I am visiting from SITSSharefest:-)

    • Thank you Tiffany, I’m really glad that you liked the interview. Thank you for appreciating. I hope it really helps you 🙂

  • Learned a lot from Natasha.