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Blending gorgeous photography and posts packed with beauty and life advice and you get one of our favorite blogs, Scampi & Chips. Adorably nicknamed after this blogger’s favorite meal, Scampi & Chips is equal parts fun and inspiring. From baking to beauty, there’s tons of interesting and insightful posts to give you some pointers.

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The beauty behind the blog, Kayleigh, is dedicated to inspiring her readers to live a fun and meaningful life, filled with fun recipes and daytrips. Kayleigh’s skill for photography shines bright in her blog posts with her beautiful shots of nature, places and beauty products. Combined with an elegant layout, this gorgeous blogger is sure to be your new favorite read. Grab a snack, get comfy and prepare to obsessively and read and scroll through our newest Bloggers Know Best addition.

Fortunately for us, we got to chat with Kayleigh and received inside information on her life as a blogger and her best tips for success:
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What made you create Scampi N Chips?

Originally my blog was called Finders Keepers as it was focused on the items I found in Charity and second-hand Stores, as a way of proving to readers there are hidden gems out there at affordable prices. However, I soon realized there are over ten blogs/websites out there, all who are higher ranked than me, who have the same name. That instantly made me want to change my blog’s name. The reason for the new name, Scampi N Chips, is it is my all-time favourite meal! Now my blog’s focus is an eclectic mix of beauty, lifestyle, food, blogging tips and travel. Its original purpose isn’t a main aspect anymore, but it definitely helped evolve my blog to what it is today.

How has your photography background influenced your blogging?

I have a big love for photographs and different genres that they come in. Whether that be, fine art, landscape, portraiture or wildlife for example. For me I knew I could incorporate my love for all these different photography styles into my blog by posting about different categories. This allows me to experiment with setting up different set designs and working with various props to create lots of different and interesting images. I never had a chance to develop a portfolio in food photography when studying, which has encouraged me to incorporate my love for baking into my blog. It is most definitely the most fun part of photographing for my blog, as I get to eat the props afterwards!
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You just launched your first giveaway, what was that experience like?

It has been great so far! I notice that some people host giveaways as a way to gain a large amount of followers in a short period, but I haven’t done it for that reason. I don’t particularly agree with it as it comes across as an easy and un-natural way of reaching a wider audience. For me it has been about celebrating a milestone that is a big deal for me and my blog – 600 followers on Twitter. For me that is gob smacking as I just think to myself, ‘Do that many people actually want to keep up to date with my blog news?’ Not that. I doubt my blog in any way, it’s just that it seems rather surreal in my eyes. I will definitely be doing another giveaway in the near future as a general thank you to my followers and readers, as I like to be able to give something back. I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have been given without their support!


What personal things would you like to come from running a blog?

Personally, I like my blog to be a way of addressing my interests for personal reasons. Not for PR companies. Although receiving samples to review has its perks, it is not something I like to be a main focus with my blog. I like to be able to reflect on my opportunities in life by talking about them and gaining other people’s interests and thoughts. I also like to be able to share my knowledge and advice on various topics to help others out based on personal experiences. That is the main reason I have added a new addition to my blog, Blog 101. This page gives tips and advice on various topics which guide you to improving your blog. I mean, I’m no expert but there are certain things which have helped me a lot and all I want to do is share those thoughts to help others out. It most definitely has been a great success so far. A personal goal I would like to reach at some point in the future is to receive an invitation to a Bloggers Event…fingers crossed!

Do you have any interesting things that have helped you grow your blog?


This probably links to the previous question, but general tips from other blogs have been one way of growing my blog. If I am ever unsure on how to do certain things, whether that be HTML or setting up a Product Directory for example, I simply ask on social media. Blogging is a big community where others are open to helping you out, so I find it has been my number one source to improving my blog. Other ways of growing my blog have been participating in Guest Post opportunities. This way you get to write a post of your choice, but get featured on someone else’s blog. Your work reaches a wider audience this way and is a great experience!

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What’s your favorite part of blogging?

In general, my favourite part is being involved in the community. Some may find it odd that you talk to complete strangers on a day to day basis, probably more than your own family, but it is so much fun. You almost feel like you know these people just from their weekly posts. I also enjoy being able to express my interests in another form such as writing and photography. I enjoy experimenting with beauty products, but writing about them is also another way of finding another love for products. The same goes for baking. I enjoy making treats and eating them, but photographing them and creating sets with props is another part of Food Blogging others may not think about.

We adore Kayleigh and her blog, Scampi & Chips and know that you’ll love her as well! From baking to blogging, Kayleigh talks about it all! Connect with blogging beauty here:






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