How Do You Carry Your Story?

For my skimmers, here’s what you’ll find in this post: one look + one life lesson. This week’s is on showing your story off in style rather than letting past baggage burden you. 

The Look:

Odette Mini Bag from Daylin Skye Designs ($88 – use code GEMBENEFITS40 for 40% OFF!!), Pink Blazer (similar from Nordstrom – $74), Romper (similar from Shoptiques – $60), Recycled Guitar String Earrings from Restrung Jewelry ($38)

One Look + One Life Lesson // Daylin Skye Handbag, Pink Blazer, Aztec Romper Styled by Allyn Lewis

The Lesson:

Take a moment to write out the steps of your story (think bullet points rather than a novel). Use mine here as an example. Think about all the steps (the good and the bad) that had to happen to get you to where you are right now, on this path of following your dreams (because if you’re here reading this, chances are you’re a go getter, you want big things for yourself, and you plan to get them).

You might not be where you want to be in every aspect of your life. However, in some capacity, where you are right now is once where you wanted to be because you didn’t always have the skills, network, relationships, tenacity, etc. you’ve now developed. What I want you to notice is, some of the most truly shitty situations that happened in your life are ultimately core components of your story, which will lead you to success (along with a few other ingredients, of course).

Don’t you see, Gem. What is comes down to is what you decide to carry your story in, because if you choose to leave some of the “ugly”, heavier chapters behind, they’re going to keep dragging you back to the past, which is in the opposite direction your success is in.

One Look + One Life Lesson // Daylin Skye Handbag, Pink Blazer, Aztec Romper Styled by Allyn Lewis

Amber Fant of Daylin Skye Designs (where this GORGEOUS purse came from) is no stranger to embracing all of the components of her story. Ironically, she doesn’t even really care for purses, she just needed something functional to carry her new iPad in! 5 years later, she’s built an incredible brand based on the principles of expressing individuality and inner beauty (even the INSIDE of her bags are stunning). Part of what truly makes Amber a Gem is after losing her dad, she realized life was too short to hate her commute to work, to be under valued, and to be bored, which led her to resign from her corporate job and launch her business.

One Look + One Life Lesson // Daylin Skye Handbag, Pink Blazer, Aztec Romper Styled by Allyn Lewis

There’s a lot more to her inspiring story that I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow, but my point is, Amber could have ran from the loss, but she didn’t. We can’t change the cards life throws at us, but we can choose how we react and what we do with every situation. There’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of by letting a shitty moment propel you forward. Often I still feel weird for saying the death of my own dad is part of what got me to where I am today. I have to remind myself that there’s nothing to be guilty of. Of course I wish he was here, I’d give anything to be able pick his brain for 5 minutes on business stuff, but I think he’d be incredibly proud that I’ve used an awful situation to build something out of myself rather than letting it completely break me apart for the rest of my life.

The reason successful people are successful is because they see the worth in EVERYTHING around them. They make the best learning and growing opportunities out of the darkest moments. When you do that, your baggage no longer seems unmanageable; it’s not a ball and chain attached to your ankle anymore holding you back. It becomes the equivalent of a darling Mint Julep Hobo Bag that you actually don’t mind exposing because it’s a daily, beautiful reminder of how strong you are and the wisdom you’ve acquired by experiencing life.

One Look + One Life Lesson // Daylin Skye Handbag, Pink Blazer, Aztec Romper Styled by Allyn Lewis

For inspiration while you’re figuring out what kind of receptacle you’re going to figuratively turn your previously burdening baggage in to, I reccomend supporting a fellow Gem and grabbing a few Daylin Skye handbags! The exquisite attention to detail of these bags is evident on every stitch and surface, even the inside. Why? So that every time you look inside, you’ll be reminded of your own inner beauty. =)

This weekend only, Amber is holding her 4 year anniversary sale-a-bration, so go shop now! Save 40% with code GEMBENEFITS40 (this is a CRAZZZZZZY discount because these bags are already affordable)!

Daylin Skye Anniversary Sale-a-bration

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Photo By: Kate Stutz Photography