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How to Set up a PR Friendly Blog

Being a PR friendly blog does not mean that you need to fill up your blog with ads, talk up mediocre products, or have a sponsor for each and every one of your posts. The term “PR Friendly” has a number of meanings up for interpretation. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on what is means to be “PR Friendly” from the perspective of a public relations representative or firm when seeking bloggers to work with. Generally, PR firms are looking to develop lasting relationships with the bloggers they collaborate with hopes to curate a go-to network of professional, trustworthy and quality blogs. What’s the first step? Knowing what to include on your website so that we don’t have to search for things. Start by creating a “Collaborations” page on your blog – Words like “Sponsor” and “Advertise” can be misleading and may suggest that the majority of your content

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Bloggers Know Best: Dressed by Jess

Jessica Galfo of Dressed by Jess is definitely not your average fashion blogger. The blog isn’t just about her outfits, it’s an “everyday style guide to empower others to dress easy, glamorous, and chic through style tips and tricks.” Living by the principle, “life is a celebration so we should dress for the occasion,” her blog uniquely encourages readers to find harmony between clothes and their personality. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jess’ blog grow over the past year and working with her many times, so I’m super excited to share her blogging journey with you today!  What inspired you to start Dressed by Jess? My desire to start a blog began in college, but my love and fascination with fashion has always been deeply rooted in me. Throughout college I studied Communications, which focused on marketing, public relations, and advertising. Although this major allowed me to explore my creative side and develop ideas

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Writing Through Barriers to Live the Dream

Mdina. I look at the medieval walled town of what the natives commonly call the ‘Silent City’. I make note of and appreciate the silence that reigns supreme in the streets. Speaking of the streets, I’ve never seen streets so narrow that they silently communicate a ‘one way only’ message. And as I glance into the distance and away from my laptop for just one moment, I take in the beautiful sea as the wind gently pushes my hair back. That sea breeze is intoxicating. Well, as a writer, that’s the dream. And then there’s reality as I tap away at the white keys on my ‘budget’ HP laptop. Reality is writing up this blog post on my way to work. Reality is glancing to my left, beyond the glass of the window in the tram that bustles noisily along the northern suburbs of Melbourne. In reality, there is no sea breeze – Just the distinct smell of

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