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How to Get a Grip On Your Inbox

My inbox and I have a love-hate relationship with one another. Well I guess I should say inboxes (plural) because I manage 11 of them, and no this is not an exaggeration. On average, I receive about 300 emails a day. Like legit emails, spam emails are not included in this figure. So if my inbox isn’t in tip-top shape, my life is literally a mess. If you have ever let your inbox get the upper hand in your life, you know how much of an uphill battle it is to get things back under control. It’s time to show your email who’s boss and that you’re the one wearing the pants in this relationship! Let’s just take a second to look at these rather intense email infographics from before I spill my secrets. Did you know 144.8 billion emails are sent every day?!   Create a separate email account just for

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Logos Are Your Brand’s Best Friend

Logos are fun in my line of work. One can see the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly. My, oh my can they be ugly. Here’s the thing…logos are your image. It’s the first thing people see. You need to establish yourself and set your business apart from your competition. The logo is the number one thing that should be looked at when branding your business or product. Let’s say that you have the best product or service. You have killer testimonials that have the competition eating your dust. Now here’s the kicker, you have a crappy logo. Your competition is by and far going to out sell you. Why, you ask? Here is the simple and short version. When people see a logo for a product that is completely off from what they expect from the brand, they’re going to pass it over plain and simple. What Makes

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Personalize your PR Life

Whether you are new to the PR world and are finding your niche, or you are a long-time professional simply getting bored with your job, know that there are many options available in the public relations industry. If you think that you have yet to find your niche, keep looking! There are so many opportunities within public relations, so just because you haven’t found your passion yet, doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Here are some of the main ways that public relations can vary; take these into consideration and personalize your PR life! In-House Vs. Agency This is perhaps one of the biggest differentiators among PR professionals. Those who work in-house are resident experts in the field of PR as they manage a company’s public relations on their own. The benefit of working in-house is that you have the ability to develop a very expansive knowledge of your company,

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Princess-Worthy PR Wisdom

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” – Proverbs 31:25. Quite a well-suited philosophy for any princess, so it makes sense that Brandi Welk named it as her favorite quote – Welk has branded herself as The PR Princess, a title suggesting some extensive experience behind it. Today, Brandi serves as the Development Director for the Council on Aging of West Florida in her hometown of Pensacola. Read on for PR tips fit for a princess from the girl who describes herself as “obsessed with chocolate and carbs, in love with designer brands and addicted to the limelight.” Callie Rose: In your opinion, what sets nonprofit PR apart from the rest of the PR industry?? Brandi Welk: Nonprofit PR is a world in itself. Unlike agencies and corporate PR companies, nonprofit PR takes a special person. This person must be passionate about the

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Bombarded, Tales from the Timeline Crypt

Being bombarded by ads is not something that anyone wants to have. Think about when you’re watching your favorite program on TV or getting really involved in a movie on FX; now, ask yourself, how much do you love those awesome commercials asking you to buy the latest sexual health pills and how awkward that is sitting next to your parents or grandma. How about your email inbox? Don’t you love when you have some random person emailing your from a foreign country or selling you the deal of the century? Check out this funny take on this scenario by Callback on YouTube. The same goes for Social Media. Customers really don’t want to be bombarded with messages day after day. The Harvard Business Review recently posted a study where they discussed three myths about what customers want. Below are the myths and the study findings. The Myth, The Legend…Oh

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Color Matters for Your Brand, But Why?

“I want something that stands out. Something flashy.”As a designer working with clients, I have heard this request countless of times. Clients want to stand out and have the correct attention given to their product(s). Many times, a client has an idea of what they want their colors to be, however, the message can sometimes be mixed. The message they want to present can even be totally undermined if the right colors aren’t utilized correctly. Let us take a step back for a minute. I would like to present an idea that may make you think back to the mid-90’s for some amazing web design and marketing ideas that were completely wrong! Holy Ugly Websites Batman! Above, Vincent Flanders illustrates why the Assoication of International Glaucoma Societies (AIGS) website sucks. I can’t disagree. The color scheme, web design and music choices are horrible. I would like to add in a

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My {PR}spective: Writing for Success

Good writing skills are foundational for any PR professional. In fact, some people like myself even chose the profession because of a love of writing! However, learning what writing techniques are effective in PR-related writing such as pitch letters and press releases takes time and understanding of why certain emails and letters grab people’s attention, and some don’t. Granted, I’m still trying to figure out what I can incorporate into my pitch letters and press releases to make them stand out, but here are a few tips I have uncovered along the way. Infuse personality: Imagine you got an email for a new product or service that looked mass-produced and robotic, as if a computer program had been designed just to write it. How likely would you be to respond? Not very. The emails that will grab people’s attention will effectively make it clear that a person took their time

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(Part 2) PR Lessons from the Largest Charity Organizations

Last week, we learned a few PR lessons from Forbes’ top five largest charity organizations. Let’s see what gems we can learn from the rest of the Top Ten: