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REVIEW: Clickless – Silence Your Stilettos

Ladies, this post may very well change your life… Well, at least the life of your heels! For soooo long, I thought I was the only girl in the world with this problem: I’d go and buy a pair of heels, and no matter how cheap or how expensive they were, a few months later the ‘heel cap’ would be completely worn off, making a horrific metal-to-floor shrill upon impact when walking (or I guess running in my life). Once that would wear away, into the garbage that pair went. Apparently, this part of the heel is replaceable, but come on, who knows how to do that, and how many cobblers do you know that are still around? To put things into perspective, I was buying a new pair black pumps every other month. Once the tip of a heel is damaged, there is no longer a purpose for that

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MODEL: Couture Gowns, Big Hair & Abandoned Apartments

An inside look on what you don’t know about photo shoots: Alarm goes off. It’s 4:00am. (Hits Snooze). 4:15am. There’s the alarm again. Ugh. (rolls out of bed). It’s a Thursday morning. Still pitch black outside by the way. I throw on an oversized pink blouse, leggings, and boots – trying to look at least half put together. 5:00am and we hit the road. It’s off to Fort Wayne, Indiana (normally a 5 hour drive) for a photo shoot with Willyum Photography. Big shout out to Shaun Novak for being my road trip buddy for the day (side note – he makes music and has an absolutely phenomenal voice that you should check out here). Anyways, of course this is a shoot for my all time favorite fashion designer, Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations. I mean, I don’t just take day trips like this for anyone! When you model for TCC,

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Favorites from Fashion Week – FW14

Fun fact: I’m originally from New Jersey (yes, I call it soda, not pop, and I am a huge fan of the New Jersey Devils).  Anyways, growing up so close to NYC, it feels like home to me when I come back and I’ll take any excuse to go there.  While probably unnecessary, but totally worth it, I completely insisted that I needed to be in NYC for the full seven days of fashion week festivities. I have literally been longing for this since I left NYC in September after last fashion week season. As I’m looking back on my favorite moments to share with you in this post, I cannot believe it went by so fast and that I’m already home! Not cool. Advertisement Day 1: Not-so-fresh off of a 7 hour bus ride, Ms. Duffy Dossier, aka Alex Duffy, and I arrived in the big apple around 7am

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MODEL: Circus Freaks

You’ve never seen a circus like this before…  Published in PATTERN. Willyum Photography concept.create.capture, Designer – Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations, Hair stylist – Tara Tumbleson-Welch, Makeup by Arrey Lee, Models – Allyn Lewis, Arrey Lee, LaShonda Reed and Chad Pitschka.     Get the looks from Tidal Cool Creations:  Black, white and yellow mismatched Harlequin gloves – $8 Black/white Harlequin dress – $90 Ruffled harlequin mini shawl – $15 Red/white mitred corset, sweetheart bodice, sheer embellished tulle sides – $80 Red/white polka dot booty shorts, with sheer tulle side insets – $25 Red/white stripe and polka dot bustle skirt, ties in front – $110 Red/black vertical stripe leggings – $25 Gold spandex booty shorts – $25 Black/white stripe corset with leatherette and zipper peekaboo detailing – $90 Cropped conductors jacket, hobo buttons – $90 Mini top hat – $20

STYLE: Holiday Trends

Sharing some of my favorite trends I’m loving this season. Enjoy!  Happy holidays <3  Winter Whites by allynlewis featuring xmas ornaments

SHOP: JuicyCanvas [Remixing Art & Fashion]

Beginning a new fashion trend by discovering and customizing contemporary art… As a publicist, I’m always on the look out for what is going to be the next big thing. I’ve found it – and it’s called, JuicyCanvas. My forward thinking fashionistas, you definitely need to give this a try. JuicyCanvas began as a passion for street art and the undiscovered artist the owners found in Buenos Aires. The concept has created a new marketplace allowing you to remix trending art and print it onto T-shirts, hoodies, mobile cases, stretched canvas, baby onesies, and more. Plus, how can you not fall in love with this little cutie?

SHOP: Vienna Victoria [Jewels with Glam]

Ladies, how many times have you lost your beloved lipstick, accidentally left it at home before heading out for your big date, or realized your favorite tube of gloss doesn’t fit in your little wristlet? Well… Vienna Victoria offers a fabulous, functional, and fashionable solution. Combining jewelry and makeup, this is the must-have luxury fashion accessory of the year!  Advertisement V & V offers a line of jewelry designed with a secret “Vanity Vault” that holds a mirror and one gorgeous lip color. No matter where your busy life takes you, you’ll always have fast access to your lip-wear. For all of you super-busy gals (especially those of us in the fashion and/or PR businesses), there is finally an accessory that can multi-task like we do. V&V Jewelry is designed with yellow, white, rose, and black gold over bronze compacted with lipstick luxuries and made with Swarovski Elements. And just when you thought it

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Blinged-Out Buys from Pink Sugar Crystals

Every girl can use some more SPARKLE in her life! Pink Sugar Crystals creates custom-designed and handcrafted products for her and the home that add a little bling to your everyday style. From phone cases, pet accessories, jewelry and more, Pink Sugar Crystals, check out some of my favorites!  PS – Check out my custom-designed phone case by Pink Sugar Crystals inspired by my trip to New York Fashion Week at the end of the post! Bling to boost any room! Fleur de Lis Classic Knobs – you can update any Furniture, Cabinets, Etc..