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Accessories to Tranquilify Your Home

Purple is the color of red and blue combined. Think about this. Red is warming and blue is cooling so basically purple is the ultimate balance, and this is also why it has so much symbolism behind it. Purple is a force to be reckoned with, like the purple hearts soldiers receive for bravery. Yet at the other end of the spectrum it is calming, like flowers in an open field. No matter what way you see the color purple, there is no denying the effect of its calmness. Now your home can be balanced and can help you feel relaxed after a long day of work or fun so that you can decorate your home to facilitate your success! 1. Ursula Table Lamp from Currey & Company – $590.00 The lamp has a glass body infused with deep plum, creating a gorgeous lavender. The lamp is perfect for next to the bed or in a

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Decorating Your Home to Facilitate Success

Most of us here do not have a degree in the interior design world (unless that’s what your business revolves around), nor do we need one to have a home that benefits us physically and mentally. Often overlooked and left without intention, the structure and colors of your space do have a profound impact on your mood, which in return has an effect on your success. As you come home from work today or if you work from home, ask yourself one thing, “Does the space you live in benefit you?” You have surely heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” As true as that statement is, the color of your walls, the artwork on your coffee table, and the texture of your rug also play a role in staying inspired, fulfilled, and productive on your career path… Maybe not quite as much as where your heart is at, but they

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10 Empowering Office Accessories to Keep You Inspired

The only way to stay your most ambitious, brightly shining self is to surround yourself with inspiration. Why not start with your workspace? 1.) ‘Party Dots’ File Folders (Set of 6) ($14.00) // 2.) Dream On Dreamer Notebook ($6.95) // 3.) Petal Lane ‘Adventure Begin’ Magnet Board ($90.00) // 4.) ‘Shine Bright’ Mug ($16.00) // 5.) Office Tackle Box ($36.00) // 6.) Emily + Meritt Gem Bookends ($69.00) // 7.) Pink and Gold Printed Pencil Set ($3.00) // 8.) Start Something New Scented Candle ($40.00) // 9.) Things to Do Tumbler ($22.00) // 10.) ‘Stay True Love More’ Glass Trinket Tray ($14.00)

5 Tips to Put the Cheer Back into Holiday Hosting

Hosting. When I think about it, my skin crawls. It crawls mainly because of all the cleanup. Dishes are my nemesis. I’ll let them pile up and start to smell before I wash them.  If only they can magically sparkle and put themselves away, this girl would be happy. And the stress! I don’t even know why I put makeup on. I sweat buckets running around ensuring everyone is having a holly jolly time. I crack a smile while pouring them another mug of hot cocoa and quietly whisper, “help me,” between my teeth. RELATED: 5 Tips for Managing Stress Around the Holidays Literally, help a girl out. The feet are on fire. When the moment comes for me to finally sit down and prop up the feet, I look around and the guests are gone {smh}. Where did the Christmas fun go? Then the Grinch lady surfaces and swears she

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Home Office

Hi there, I’m Jacquin! The owner of Interiors by Jacquin, an interior design business and inspirational décor blog!  I am thrilled to be a guest contributor for Allongé Magazine today, bringing you chic interior design inspiration and stylish decor tips for your home office! Home Office design featuring a chalkboard paint accent wall, Image via Decoist, John Donkin architect It’s always great to have a space at home where you can get work done… and when your office is at home, you can style it any way you want!  (One of the best parts about a home office, I’d say!) Here are three tips for getting the most out of your home office. Focusing on both style and function! Photo via Everything Leb, Designed by Ansley Interiors First, always remember that if you’re short on space, more than one person can share a home office.  The offices featured today maximize space by including a place for two people to work independently.  Above

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