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The Secret to Finding the Confidence You’ve Been Looking For

For my skimmers, here’s what you’ll find in this post: one look + one life lesson. Featuring a convertible dress you can wear 30 ways, learn why you’re experiencing resistance when it comes to finding confidence and what to do about it.  The Look: Midi Dress in Dark Amethyst from HipKnoTies ($49.99 – Save 20% with code GemNation20) // Gold Open Bangle from Drew & Co. ($50.77) // Blue Taylor Tassel Crossbody Bucket from 88 Handbags ($45) // Coachella Rose Stainless Steel Watch from Escape Watches ($150) // Similar High Low Skirt from The Real Real ($75) //Nine to Five Ear Jacket Pierced Earrings from Carolee Jewelry ($45) // Aldo Shoes (ON SALE – $45.00) Raise your hand if you’ve never struggled with confidence. Yeah, that’s what I thought. The following phrase seems to keep appearing over and over again in my life in the Facebook Groups I’m a part of and in the conversations I have every day with mind-blowingly brilliant entrepreneurs: “I need more confidence…” to

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It’s Okay to be a Little Clueless

For my skimmers, here’s what you’ll find in this post: one (Clueless inspired) look + one life lesson. Featuring heels so comfortable they’ll keep you on your feet and an adorably affordable handbag, learn why you need to stop hoarding information and start embracing your own cluelessness.  The Look: UKIES Paloma Heeled Loafer ($279) // Black/Wine Python Top Handle Mini Crossbody from 88 Handbags // Coachella Rose Stainless Steel Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Bryant Park Stud Pierced Earrings ($45) and Union Square Wide Stretch Bracelet ($95) from Carolee Jewelry // Express Gray Pleated Skirt (similar from Kate Spade – $198) // Similar Bow Blouse from ASOS (ON SALE – $36) // Styled by Christina Imberlina The Lesson: You don’t get very far by knowing everything, because knowledge isn’t what leads to progress; it’s experience that does. Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom, on the other hand, comes from experience. I know, I know. Being clueless feels uncomfortable. That’s why we like to

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Weaving Struggles into Your Story with Soul

For my skimmers, here’s what you’ll find in this post: one look (featuring leggings from How We Soul) + one life lesson. This one’s on why you should try adding some soul as you face your struggles.  The Look: How We Soul Stardust Leggings ($58) // Cobalt Katie Medium Satchel from 88 Handbags ($50) // Gracie Mansion Dramatic Bib Necklace from Carolee Jewelry (ON SALE NOW – $75) // Bryant Park Stud Pierced Earrings from Carolee Jewelry ($45) // Similar Blouse from Last Call by Neiman Marcus (ON SALE NOW – $39) // Aldo Shoes (Similar from ASOS – $66) // Styled by Christina Imberlina The Lesson: I know it’s hard. Shit happens and the first thing we ask ourselves is “why is this happening to me”. We aren’t really looking for an answer. We’re playing the victim. But this moment is just one thread in your story. Occasionally, there are excess strings. Ones that we can cut off. Ones that

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When I Lost My Father, I Realized Life’s Too Short Not to Go for It

My name is Amber Fant, I am a full-time, self-employed, handbag designer/maker/owner at Daylin Skye Designs. I get asked how I started my business and it always sort of puts a wry smile on my face. Mostly because, I don’t really care for purses. In fact, it was the fact that I don’t like carrying a purse that put this whole thing in motion. Five years ago, I bought an iPad. Although I was working in a lucrative corporate position and could afford to pay cash for the iPad outright, I made myself raise the money because I saw it as a toy and not a need. So after selling other electronics, my bike, household decor items and anything else I told myself I didn’t need, I had the $900 to get the iPad and accessories I wanted. And with said iPad in hand, off to Starbucks I went to do

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A Little Bit of Nature Goes a Long Way

Are you aware of your surroundings on your way to work? Better yet, if you work from home do you ever take a few moments to step outside and get some fresh air? What would you say if I told you that it is a proven fact nature actually has a profound and positive impact on your well-being? Simply passing trees, plants and greenery on your way to work can boost your mood and relieve stress. Don’t believe me, click here. So to the peeps that have to drive through a city and around road work every day, be sure to find your green space. On your entrepreneurial journey you may have felt the effects of burnout or a funk. One of the best ways to prevent this is to surround yourself with that natural green stuff; not what you were thinking, nature silly. You do not have to be a hardcore

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Behind the Scenes with Yes Supply Co.

At the end of 2015, I connected with Reese Evans, the founder of Yes Supply Co. As Reese puts it, Yes Supply was created to get rid of the glossing over of how to live a life on purpose, a life that you choose to completely and full-heartedly say yes to. Yes Supply aims to get rid of the “oh I just fell into the job & life I love” rouse, and does so by sharing “real advice from cool, smart and creative women (and a few cool dudes) who aren’t afraid to bare their souls and share the obstacles, and insecurities that they overcame to get their yes supply.” I spoke with Reese about her thoughts on doing a mental health check-in alongside New Year’s resolution and goal setting (more on that here), and along the way learned more about the path that has taken her to where she

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What the Path to Living Authentically Looks Like

We all have moments in our lives where we were not true to ourselves – when we aren’t living authentically. Times like when we agreed to helping someone out when we would rather stay at home reading a book on our day off, or took a job that felt really uncomfortable but needed the money. Being inauthentic, means acting in ways that aren’t congruent with our values, preferences, and abilities, and it leaves us feeling empty, confused, exhausted, and adrift. The concept of being authentic is simple – it means being true to yourself. Authenticity is the ability to acknowledge our own values and then base our decisions on those values. Mike Robbins, a corporate trainer and the author of Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken, says on authenticity in an article with Gaiam, “It is important because it liberates us from the pressures of always trying to be something else, always trying to be perfect.” People who

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10 Empowering Office Accessories to Keep You Inspired

The only way to stay your most ambitious, brightly shining self is to surround yourself with inspiration. Why not start with your workspace? 1.) ‘Party Dots’ File Folders (Set of 6) ($14.00) // 2.) Dream On Dreamer Notebook ($6.95) // 3.) Petal Lane ‘Adventure Begin’ Magnet Board ($90.00) // 4.) ‘Shine Bright’ Mug ($16.00) // 5.) Office Tackle Box ($36.00) // 6.) Emily + Meritt Gem Bookends ($69.00) // 7.) Pink and Gold Printed Pencil Set ($3.00) // 8.) Start Something New Scented Candle ($40.00) // 9.) Things to Do Tumbler ($22.00) // 10.) ‘Stay True Love More’ Glass Trinket Tray ($14.00)