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Get The Gown: Dream Dresses on a Budget

For most women, their wedding days are the most magical and enchanted days of their lives. In order to make sure that the big day runs smoothly, however, TONS of planning is involved. From selecting a venue to narrowing down the guest list, planning a dream wedding is no easy feat. On top of all the extensive planning, brides have the biggest decision of all to make: choosing the perfect wedding dress. Are you looking for a vintage lacey number, or a silky mermaid gown? Sparkly details, or major pouf? And once you figure that out and find a dress you love, will it fit into your budget? Thankfully for brides-to-be, Jessica Berriman and her hubby-to-be Bruce Coane have created a solution to make prepping for weddings a lot easier. “We want our brides to be able to focus on other wedding details and ultimately, have a fulfilling wedding day.

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Fall into Relaxation

This week has been the most stressful few days I’ve had in a long time. Between the pressure of starting up a new business, an ongoing family situation with my teenage sister, and not having time in my days to do the simplest things like going to the food store, life has been just a bit crazy lately. It’s moments like this where I have to remind myself that shutting my mind down, even for a few minutes, needs to be a part of my everyday routine. Because the truth is, once you realize you need to de-stress, it’s already too late. I have to get better about making time for me everyday, not just on days where I’m ready to pull my hair out! Here’s a few little ways I’ve decided to treat myself to relaxation this week right at home: 1.) My Julep Maven Beauty Box Every month when the mailman delivers

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The Best of Pittsburgh

So who took home the gold of the black & gold city? Pittsburgh’s 2014 A-List was distributed starting on August 25th and continuing throughout the week. The annual vote brought together over 1,035 businesses to compete for titles in their category. The 13 categories ranged from cuisine to fashion to auto and everything in between.  Campaigning to win the title, businesses connected with their customers on all social media platforms to spread the word! Narrowing the nominees down from 1,035 to only 134 winners, voters chose their favorites from the year. These genres showed everything Pittsburgh has to offer! The A-List is a great resource for visitors and even locals who want to try something new! Check out the A-List by City Voter app for quick list of all the winners! Call us biased, but there are three winners we just cannot get enough of! Huge congratulations to Elliven Spa,

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Bloggers Know Best: Stardust by Anastasia

    In a world of perpetual negativity, one of our favorite blogs, Stardust, offers refreshingly positive insight. The blogger behind Stardust, Anastasia, promotes a healthier lifestyle that extends past diet and exercise and tackles weighty issues of self-esteem and body acceptance. Unsurprisingly, Anastasia’s blog has spread like wildfire among the blogging community because of her wise and insightful opinions on difficult and relevant topics of today. Stardust is all about projecting your most positive self and acting as a light in a dark world. From humorous posts that will leave you grinning to deep, moving posts that will wanting to change the world, Anastasia has created an incredibly special and happy place for her readers. Fortunately for us, we were able to unlock some of her positivity and find out her tips for having a growing blog.       What made you start Stardust? I started Stardust in January this

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What Cyberbullying Taught Me about Social Media

Like most people reflecting on their high school days, I can’t help but cringe over the bad haircuts and the poor fashion sense. However, my high school cringe-worthy moments don’t just stop at awkward, gangly stage. Starting when I was fifteen, I became a target of various bullying and cyberbullying attacks from a group of stereotypical mean girls in my grade. While the incidents continued all throughout my sophomore year of high school, I was able to break away from the relentless teasing and taunts by graduating high school at 16. Although the experience taught me so much about myself and gave me incredible opportunities, one of the biggest lessons I learned from this was regarding my social media use. Having malicious and embarrassing comments splattered across the internet can easily make someone afraid of posting or engaging in social media. However, given the nature of my job, I have

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‘A Product of Rape’ – Behind Valerie Gatto’s Desire for the Miss USA Crown

Every year, 51 determined and passionate women strut their stuff to compete in the Miss USA pageant, but this year’s Miss Pennsylvania USA has a motive behind the crown that is quite distinct from the rest. Whether on Cosmopolitan, Time, or Entertainment Tonight, you might just be hearing Valerie Gatto’s story now, but over the course of the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with this phenomenal woman on numerous occasions. From a fitness photo shoot to countless runway shows, appearances, and even a request to speak and share her personal story back at an event in August, Valerie has constantly supported and participated in my ambitious endeavors. I hope that by sharing her story I can help bring exposure to her very unique platform in some small way! Valerie first caught my eye on Facebook when I was booking models for a Tidal Cool Creations swimwear fashion show.

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