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Living a More Refined Life in 2015

Happy New Year! There is something almost magical about the start of the new year. The fresh possibilities that comes with turning over a new calendar is something that puts us in the majority of people who use the renewed optimism to make changes in order to live life in the new year in ways that are more organized, more healthy or more present. What is extremely depressing about New Year resolutions is the statistic that only 4% of resolutions are followed through past February. 4%! One of the main reasons that people don’t follow through is that they are often setting unstructured goals (I want to lose weight sound familiar?) without figuring out the concrete steps to achieve them. One of the common things we noticed when reviewing our friends and families resolutions is that they all boiled down to one theme: all of them, without fail, related to wanting to improve their overall

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What Cyberbullying Taught Me about Social Media

Like most people reflecting on their high school days, I can’t help but cringe over the bad haircuts and the poor fashion sense. However, my high school cringe-worthy moments don’t just stop at awkward, gangly stage. Starting when I was fifteen, I became a target of various bullying and cyberbullying attacks from a group of stereotypical mean girls in my grade. While the incidents continued all throughout my sophomore year of high school, I was able to break away from the relentless teasing and taunts by graduating high school at 16. Although the experience taught me so much about myself and gave me incredible opportunities, one of the biggest lessons I learned from this was regarding my social media use. Having malicious and embarrassing comments splattered across the internet can easily make someone afraid of posting or engaging in social media. However, given the nature of my job, I have

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The Death of Robin Williams: A Reality Check on Suicide

I think it’s safe to say that in one way or another Robin Williams touched all of us. My personal favorite was Flubber, but you know, whatever floats your boat. ‘How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it!’ remains one of my favorite jokes to this day. Search ‘Robin Williams’ on Google this morning and you will find multiple news sources claiming that this beloved man suffered from depression and addiction for years, and yet most of us had no idea. He was happy. He was funny. His wide range of film roles proved that he could be anything and everything the audience needed him to be. Winning an Oscar, building an enormous loyal fan following, basking in fame, fortune, and wealth – and yet he still thought suicide was the best option. No matter how happy, how put together, or how successful someone seems,

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The Next Must Read: All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe

On Friday, I met my new BFF, Stephanie Simons. Stephanie tweeted something about looking for bloggers to send her new book to to read. I’d been following her on Twitter and had already taken note of her wit and charm. I didn’t even realize she was coming out with a book until that moment (thank goodness for social media right?!), but after a very long day of arms racing my inbox, curling up on the couch for the rest of the evening seemed like a fabulous idea. The book ended up being literally the best thing I have ever read! Composed of brocabulary terms, closet confessions, an explanation of trends with benefits, classic panty lines, plus size cocktail recipes and even a Curate-A-Date application so that you can “curate your suitors the way you curate your wardrobe,” no matter what your current dating dilemma is, All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe will help

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Allyn’s Adventures: Introduction

Hello Darlings! I think this post is more for me than it is for you. You know when there’s like a 1 in 1000 chance that such-and-such symptom will happen to you if you take a certain medication? And everyone is like, ‘oh that will never happen to me’? Well, that’s my life. All of the time. Things that just don’t seem to happen to other people on a regular basis tend to happen to me everyday (both good and bad)… I’m the 5’6″ girl (on a good day) who is a successful model, became an entrepreneur at 22, ventured to NYFW twice, fell in love with the most genuine and caring man you could ever hope to meet (in like 2 months) and I have the most amazing group of supporters on the planet (no, I’m not talking about followers on social media. I’m talking about people who constantly

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LIFE: Fight Frostbite with Brownies

Forget the cold, let’s talk about brownies! [WARNING: If you are one of the New Year Resolutioners kicking sweets in 2014, this post is not for you. Proceed with caution] I hate the cold and it’s currently -2 degrees out. So, what better thing to do on a freezing Monday night in than bake some goodies…

LIFE: Winter Must-Haves

Sometimes, we all could use a little pretty pick-me-up on these cold winter days and snowy nights! Here are the things I need to get through the season this year:    

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