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9 Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress is slowly killing you. 10% of strokes are caused by work related stress. 1 in 5 Americans suffer from extreme stress. This includes heart palpitations and depression. Of all the human illnesses and disease, stress is the root cause of 60% of them. That is madness! We must make a much larger effort to reduce stress in our lives! Entrepreneurs know all about stress. Getting up early and staying up late (do we even know what the word “sleep” means?). Being the boss and the social media manager. Pouring yourself into your business. Thinking always, “if I can just get this done then I’ll relax”. But one thing leads to another and when you finally look up, it is 10pm. Where did the day go? RELATED: How Are You Doing Today? When you have your own business it’s hard to unplug. We feel like we’ll miss something important or people

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The Power of the Pen: How Writing by Hand Benefits the Brain

As our lives become more and more consumed by “life improving” electronic devices each day, one can easily argue that the art of handwriting is gradually becoming obsolete. Against common knowledge, the stationery and paper goods industry continues to grow year after year. Why? Maybe it’s because the craft of calligraphy is rapidly rising as an aesthetic Instagram practice, that we’re beginning to rediscover the excitement of snail mail (parisian inspired greeting cards anyone?), or Kate Spade’s glamorous line of writing materials… However, I think perhaps the more powerful reason is that the physical act of writing has a number of benefits. Not only can it improve productivity and help us achieve goals, but writing can also play a role in developing healthier mental wellness habits. RELATED: Analog Tools to Organize Your Brain (or Business) in the Digital Age Suggestive information aside, there may not be much scientific evidence to prove writing things down has memory enhancing

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The Do’s & Do Not’s of Making it Through a Rough Patch

“It’s only a bad day, not a bad life” is a mantra plastered all over Pinterest and Tumblr. Well, what if a bad day turns into several bad days? Maybe it’s been weeks and you still don’t feel quite like yourself. You’re constantly tired, anxious, or feeling stuck. While friends and family might try and comfort you by saying “Everyone has days like this” or “All twenty-somethings go through this”, they may be unintentionally delegitimizing your emotions. Sure, there is some comfort in knowing you aren’t alone, but that doesn’t mean you have to bite your tongue and surrender to it. There are ways you can take action and improve your outlook on life in the process. RELATED: 11 Easy Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day DO: Be honest. So often I find myself spewing out to loved ones that “Work was great!” and “Everything’s going really well, thanks!” without acknowledging, deep down,

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Managing Your Business When Dealing with a Personal Crisis

When starting a business, you are super excited and all fired up to show up for work every day. You engage with clients and customers and you have finally created the life you’ve always wanted. Sure you have some days where you don’t feel on top of the world but you know this is all part of the entrepreneurial game. But, what you are not expecting is the personal crisis that just showed up on your doorstep. A crisis is defined as anything that causes you difficulty to function. Perhaps you are even being asked to make the most important personal life decision, which can also have a profound impact on your business. Maybe your partner is asking for divorce or you or a loved are dealing with a medical situation. Perhaps there has been a death in your life or maybe you are dealing with depression. RELATED: A Note to Entrepreneurs

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Wear Your Label to End the Mental Health Stigma in Style

Approximately 1 in 5 adults battle mental illness every year. That means, if you and four other friends are in one room, at least one of you is dealing with a mental illness. Think about that. Mental illness is closer to you than you think and yet, no one talks about it. Silence leads to stigma. Through starting conversations and giving back to mental health initiates, Canadian clothing brand Wear Your Label is breaking the silence to ultimately end the stigma (in style). Co-founder Kayley Reed has opened up to us – sharing her personal story and how she now wears her label with pride. My name is Kayley Reed, and I’m recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. But that’s just a label. It was about a year ago that I shared my label for the first time with some of the closest people in my life. But for months before, I had hidden my struggles. Like many others, I felt completely isolated in what I

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Jonny Benjamin: on the bridge to erasing mental health stigma

One man saved his life, and now Jonny, who has schizoaffective disorder, is working to save lives too. On January 14th, 2008, Jonny Benjamin went to the Waterloo Bridge in London and walked towards the precipitous edge, ready to jump to his death. That all changed when a passerby saw Jonny, approached him, and calmly encouraged him not to jump. That man saved Jonny’s life. When Jonny stepped closer to safety, the police quickly whisked him away and he never got the chance to thank the kind stranger. Six years later, Jonny set out to find the man who saved him. With support from UK-based organization Rethink Mental Illness, Jonny launched the Find Mike campaign. The campaign quickly became viral across social media, and the hashtag #FindMike blazed across Twitter. It wasn’t long before Jonny found ‘Mike,’ otherwise known as Neil Laybourn. The Finding Mike documentary about Jonny’s story was

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