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You Wouldn’t Have Your ‘Why’ Without Your Struggles

Everyone has a why. It took me a long time to find mine. I can remember the terrified feeling clearly. I was cowering by the front door, frightened by something in the house. What was it? My memory is fuzzy now. It may have been a mouse. Or a strange noise I couldn’t identify. Whatever it was, I wanted to get out. But I couldn’t. My mother had gone to the market and locked me in the house on my own. A couple of years later, when I was six, I was knocked over by a car. Neither of my parents came to visit me in hospital. Looking back, I can rationalize and try to understand why, but even as an adult I am filled with sadness when I think about this, so as a child I must have felt completely abandoned. And that feeling of helplessness and abandonment continued

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The Difference Support Makes with Rebecca Nash

You may not see it, but everything you do – from the way you run your business to how you interact with your clients – stems from your story and what you’ve been through. One of the first exercises I walk my clients through (in fact, Rebecca was the very first person I walked through this process!) is determining the theme of their business in one word. Most of the time, people have no idea what this is, and I can often see it before they do. For Rebecca, her standout superpower is support. It’s not that she’s supportive because she’s a nice person (which is totally true), she’s supportive because of her story. From suffering from mental illness and spending four years raising her daughter as a single mom to managing three learning disabilities and a full time job while running a business (Rebecca Nash Photography), this Gem has seen the contrast

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5 Ways to Start Taking Small Steps for Big Results

Often times I find myself sitting at my desk at my job, or at home at the dining room table, looking at my planner intently with overwhelm.  Whether it be big goals and changes for myself or my business that I am striving for or daily tasks that need to be done, I am frozen because I don’t know where to start, so I end up starting nowhere and sit there for another long period of time.  I want to do all of these big things, like lose twenty pounds, get to yoga 2-3 times a week, and actually run a 5K.  Even when we are frozen in completing out to-do lists, we all have to start somewhere. RELATED READ: 2017 Planner Recommendations Straight from Creative Entrepreneurs Ever since my grandma, who battled breast and bone cancer for nine years, told me her greatest advice was to “follow your heart,” I

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