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Feeling Cool in Culottes

What’s in this post: The culottes I fell in love with during New York Fashion Week after thinking I’d never be able to wear wide leg pants, face flattering sunglasses made from wood (that don’t look like wood), and I bet you’ll never guess what this bag is made of!  The Look: [sp] Yatta Culottes in Ice Grey from Narrow Arrow ($64.67) // [sp] Wabisabi Shirt from Narrow Arrow ($117.29) // [sp] Activa Wood Sunglasses from Public Sunglasses ($79.00) // [c/o] Mimi Cork Vegan Teal/Croc Cross Body from Rok Cork ($178.00) // [c/o] Mist Grey Mule ($145.00) with Billie in Blush Strap ($49.50) from Alterre Shoes // Coachella Rose Tone Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Similar Earrings (ON SALE – $37.50) // Styled by & Photos: Christina Stein Imberlina When Narrow Arrow told me they were sending me wide leg pants to wear during New York Fashion Week, at first, I was so excited. They looked incredible

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Finding Hygge in Central Park

What’s in this post: Figuring out what the heck “Hygge” means by getting in touch with both nature and the simpler side of living.  The Look: [sp] Round Neck Maxi Dress from Hygge Living ($32) // [sp] Bull Hoof Necklace from Simply Nature Bio Goods ($209) // Guilty Sunglasses from Public Sunglasses ($79) // Similar boots from Aldo ($180) // Wing Ding Cuff Bracelet from Kutula Kiss ($85) // Coachella Rose Tone Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Cocktail Ring from 7 Charming Sisters // Styled by + photos: Christina Stein Imberlina // Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoire cloth handbag – borrowed from Christina because she loves me ($495) I’m normally in New York City at least twice a year, and I have my spots that I go to every time. Every trip I stop at 2 Bros Pizza, where you can get the best New York style slice of pie that’s as big as your head, and also Carlo’s Bakery

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VLOG 5: Going with the Flow at New York Fashion Week

This week’s vlog post is coming at you straight from NYC! I’m here at New York Fashion Week and while you might think it’s all about the clothes, there’s actually a lot to learn about life from an experience like this. I’m with my fellow fashionista, Christina, and to be honest, this week has gone nothing like we planned. However, by going with the flow and chilling out about the unexpected, we’re stacking up incredible moments right and left that we would’ve missed had the original schedule played out. We’re also chatting about whether or not you should “fake it ’til you make it” and why believing that you’re worth it is essential for getting where you want to go. And in case you’re loving these shades as much as I do, you can find them at Public Sunglasses for $79 (full outfit details coming soon!).

Adventures at Animal Kingdom

What’s in this post: adventures at Animal Kingdom including why it’s sometimes necessary to run into the rain (literally and figuratively) and the brightest, most comfortable sneakers ever!  The Look: Low Sinchi Colorful Sneaker from ISKAY Shoes ($60.00) // Natassia Cupro Dress from francesca’s ($38.00) and here’s a similar one ($44.00) in case they don’t have your size // Violet Ray Kendall Backpack ($49.95) // Wing Ding Pew and Zigger Small Beaded Bracelets from the Kutula Kiss Desert Rose Collection (COMING SOON!) Animal Kingdom might just be my favorite Disney park. There’s just something about the atmosphere that brings out the inner adventurer inside all of us. For example, every time I see the Festival of the Lion King show, I question my career path because my heart is definitively sure I’m meant to be the flying blue bird. Maybe one day when I’m famous they’ll invite me to be her for a

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A Reminder About Magic from My Disney Vacation

The Look: Satin Surplice Dress from Target ($29.99) // Similar Steve Madden Flat Sandals from Macy’s ($59.00) // Asymmetrical Green Amethyst & Sterling Silver Necklace ($50.00) and Sterling Silver Long Drop Ripple Earrings ($26.00) from Soasa Designs [also seen here] // Kutula Kiss Optic Rainbow and Peace by Peace Camo Small Bracelets from the Desert Rose Collection (coming soon!) Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on the magic? Like everywhere you look (and by look I mean check Instagram), it’s as if people are being sprinkled with fairy dust floating off to their big dreams. It feels like everyone knows where the secret passageway is. It seems that the people you see online have some kind of magical fairy godmother and you have no idea what you have to do to get her to pay you a visit. I mean, inside, you know that can’t be right because everyone struggles; everyone has a story. But, since hardly anyone

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Getting Clear About You

In this post: You’ll find a note on leaning into things that make you feel the most like yourself (even when it’s not always easy), skin-clearing organic products that bring out your true self, and the story of a strong woman who turned the loss of her mother into a movement for women to take better care of themselves. What does being yourself even mean? To be honest, I’m not totally sure. I’m still trying to figure out who I am. But, I know it means staying away from anything that makes you feel like less and pulling yourself closer to things that make you feel like more. It also means standing firm in the things that make you feel more alive, more blissful, more clear, and more capable. For me, that means stuff like working out and taking care of my skin. It means doing those things even when

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4 Ways to Make Traveling Less Stressful

I’ve had anxiety issues for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it’s manageable, sometimes it becomes so overwhelming I can hardly catch my breath. If there’s one thing that stresses me out the most, it’s traveling. And holiday travel? Yikes. Stress-o-rama. Traveling can be a huge, stressful ordeal, especially if you have children with you. And if you happen to be traveling for the holidays, you have the added pressures of cooking, cleaning, and shopping, not to mention the business and professional responsibilities you have on your plate to fulfill before the end of the year — it’s no wonder so many people battle anxiety during this time of year! The good news is that there are several things you can do to ease the stress of traveling. The key is to plan ahead as much as possible and, of course, try to stay patient. That’s easier said than

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A Traveling Beauty Routine for Self-Care

To be honest, unless I’m taking outfit photos or heading to an event, rarely do I clock more than 15 minutes in front of the mirror. Yes, it might take me a long time to “get ready” and I’m pretty much 5 minutes late for everything, but you can’t blame that on my primping and prepping. It’s usually an “I can totally knock this email out before I go or craft this Instagram post before I leave” kind of thing. However, when I’m on vacation, there’s something so rejuvenating about slipping back into my lengthy, pre- “I’m an entrepreneur and have no time for myself” kind of routine. Those 60 or so minutes aren’t clocked in front of the mirror with an attempt to impress anyone, to cover up or conceal my imperfections, or even to look adequate for the Instagram pictures I’ll likely be snapping later. It’s me time. It’s time to notice

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