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StylingOn’s Personal Styling Services Bring Luxury to the Busy Professional

  Get styled by your own personal shopper for any given occasion. Whether it is a career change, a new lifestyle, or special occasion, StylingOn is your one-stop for providing you with the luxurious styling experience you desire. Professional men and women are always in a scramble, with barely a moment to even grab a coffee or swipe on some lipstick. In the effort to balance work and a busy social and family life, maintaining a sophisticated and classy look both in and out of the office is largely pushed aside- so, chances are that personal styling services have not been on your radar. However, NYC-based StylingOn is a valuable and innovative option that will boost your confidence without sacrificing your busy schedule! StylingOn’s personal styling services will provide a much-deserved dose of luxury through a wide variety of designer fashions that are handpicked to fit your body as well

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Tweet It, Until You Make It

When we are young practitioners, fresh out of university and keen to make the move from Chief Caffeinated Beverage Collector, AKA an intern, to officially employed, preferably paid PR guru, we are told time and time again to ‘network’. For most of us, (or certainly for myself), this originally meant catching up with one or two of your classmates, perhaps that one cool-ish professor that was less intimidating than the rest, and re-tweeting everything Kelly Cutrone and Sophia Amoruso posted. Unsurprisingly, this left me with nothing besides a building sense of resentment and a Twitter feed filled with half-bitchy-half inspiring platitudes. How could none of my internships, work experiences or unpaid placements have resulted in a position? Why was I not stomping around a multi-storey office in my Louboutins with a Prada bag yet? How come Nina Garcia hadn’t snapped me up to be her fresh faced, charmingly Australian sidekick?

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Key Reads :: July 26, 2014 ( + Link-Up)

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK: 1.) Beauty Buzz: What’s Hot in Beauty and Fashion Tech Right now? via Wantable Style Blog 2.) Pre-Waxing Do’s and Don’ts from Elliven Spa 3.) Tasty Thursday: Watermelon Pops via Drugstore Divas 4.) Beach-Inspired Home Décor via Refined Side 5.) CAREER TIP: Figure Out Your Personal Brand via Melrosa Avenue Affiliate: 6.) Fashion PR Girl Shopping Guide for July via PR Couture 7.) Beauty Diaries: Top 10 High End Makeup Products via The Glitter Diaries 8.) Wear it Four Ways: Denim Shorts via CUPCAKEMAG 9.) The Kimono via The Statement Fashion Blog 10.) 70+ Media Companies and Networks for Bloggers via A Spectacled Owl KEY TIP OF THE WEEK: “I’ve found that inspiration is the foundation of not only positivity, but also success. When you are inspired, you believe in yourself. And when you believe you can do it, other people will believe you can too and that positivity will attract others to support you and work with you.”   BLOGGERS: Looking for an new way to

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The Bath Café: Handmade, Natural Beauty Products

New line of beauty products designed to pamper you with natural ingredients Relying on that extra cup of coffee to make it through your day? There’s another café on the scene that will not only invigorate your body, but your mind and soul as well: The Bath Café. Everyone is overworked and overtired these days, because we forget to take the time to relax. Well, take a deep breath to let go of your stress because this up-and-coming beauty care company wants you to beautify yourself inside and out, so that you can be ready to take on your day with a fresh dose of inspiration! Started by military-veteran couple Nicole and Michael Amos, The Bath Café was an extension of their desire to bring creative and healthy products to the beauty-care market. The Bath Café’s line of handmade products includes their one-of-a-kind bath bombs, skin treatments, nail polishes, candles,

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PR Stunt Spotlight on Calendar Girls

As many of you know, our staff recently participated in a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Reflecting on the experience, as wonderful as it was, it’s clear now that our campaign strategy was missing something, and I believe I know what it was: naked grandmas. Before Allyn freaks out, let me explain: believe it or not, that concept launched one of the most successful blood cancer research fundraisers ever. Here’s how it happened: Back in 1999, many of our own biggest concerns involved the world exploding form Y2K. But a woman in Yorkshire, U.K. named Angela Baker was recovering from a true tragedy: her husband, John, had passed away from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 54. (Photo Source: Chasing the Frog)   Affiliate:   In the face of her grief, Angela decided to take positive action, and enlisted ten friends from the Rylstone Women’s Institute to

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All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe: A Fashion Editor’s Rules on Shopping for Love

Meet the author Manolo Blahnik addressed as, “the real Carrie Bradshaw” fashion editor Stephanie Simons is no stranger to the mystifying worlds of fashion and dating, where the thrill is high, and the heels are higher. But be forewarned: All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe reveals “truths as blunt as Anna Wintour’s bob.” “I began seeing so many similarities between shopping for clothes and shopping for love,” Simons said. “The fleeting highs, the empty-handed lows, the thrill of the hunt. Fusing the two into a dating guide seemed so natural.” Set for release in July, All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe rewards readers with a confidence boost, dating guidance, and fashion inspiration in one irresistible package. But it’s not all rainbows and Ralph Lauren – Simons’ injects stiletto-sharp wit into each Tiffany pearl of wisdom for a laugh-out-loud guide that reads like a note from a feisty best friend. According

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Lucy Marie Denim Introduces The Perfect Fit

Newly launched label Lucy Marie Denim is revolutionizing your average blue jeans with the recently released Spring 2014 Collection. Devoted to elegance, quality denim and a flawless fit, Lucy Marie jeans feature butt lift and toning techniques that create lift and support for women of all shapes and sizes. Drawing inspiration from the Brazilian fashions that celebrate a woman’s figure, the Lucy Marie team put a unique American touch to the jeans. The raved-about butt lift gently gives an extra lift through the derriere. Consisting of four jean cuts, the Bootcut, the Cigarette, the Skinny and the Cropped Skinny, the collection also features a contoured waistband for added comfort while gently toning the waistline. Proudly made in America, Lucy Marie Denim was created in 2013 by a team brought together in Kansas City. Founder Kerry Duffin was inspired to create the brand after stumbling across a pair of butt lift

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PR Lessons from the Largest Charity Organizations

Charity organizations can be as small as one person or as gigantic as a corporation, but every single one has something to teach us about PR. Today we’re going to take a look at the big fishes, according to a little magazine called Forbes.