Guest Post Guidelines

Here at The Gem, we are dedicated to producing high quality, impactful content to help dreamers and doers stay physically, mentally, and emotionally fit on their ambitious journeys. This appears in a number of forms – instructional pieces, personal stories, and even humorous lists posts. Nothing makes us more fulfilled than when our community contributes to this vision. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, please follow the guidelines below.

Writing guidelines:

  • The piece should be written in first person with a creative, educational, and conversational style (we love witty humor and punny things) and speak to our audience of business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs.
  • We prefer you zero in on a few items rather than providing a broad list of generic information. Think an inch wide and a mile deep rather than a mile wide and an inch deep when developing your content.
  • Submissions should be no less than 500 words (250 words only if you are contributing a list/round-up type post) and no more than 2,000 words. Ultimately, remember that quality is far more superior than quantity.
  • Be clear and detailed with the message you are sending. You’re going for power packed writing that tells a story or gives practical advice in the least amount of words. No fluff!
  • You are welcome, and encouraged, to talk about your business, and your journey, and may include text that links to your website/blog posts/etc. as appropriate. However, the piece should not be promotional in any manner.
  • If you’re writing a story type piece, tell us about what you’ve had to overcome. What struggles did you go through? Our favorites are always stories presented in a “I went through this, but look what I created despite of it” format. Remember, people like to support (and buy things from) people, not businesses! 😉
  • Give your reader action steps to implement into their daily routine. Giving advice is great, but that can be found on many websites. On The Gem we like to focus on giving people steps, bullet points or a list of things that they can do to actively become the best they can be!
  • You CAN include links to someone else’s resource if it adds value to the post. You CANNOT include links to any affiliate programs you are a part of. Here are a few tips for enhancing the value of your content:
    • Include numbers, statistics, research studies, etc. when appropriate – people just LOVE numbers. Remember to credit your sources!
    • Think outside of the box! I would much rather have you get creative and go too far with a post than to have you hold back. Go outside of your comfort zone. Show your personality. Push your writing skills to their limits! This is a place for you to try new things, new styles, and grow as a writer.
    • Challenge yourself to make your content BETTER than anything else out there! Don’t write things that people can find other places. The more value you provide, the most likely your submission will be accepted.

*Please send the content for your piece in the body of your email to and not in a word document or other attachment*

When submitting your piece, please include:

  • A catchy, suggested title that outlines the concept/point of your post
  • If it’s a personal piece, at least one photo that’s relevant to your story (it might be of you, your workspace, your family, etc.)
  • A brief bio (less than 100 words)
  • Links to your website or social media channels that you would like listed in your author profile

If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributing writer, please note that in your submission and also include your resume/previous writing experience and at least 2 examples of previous work. We start all potential contributors off by submitting a guest post to see if our community is into the wordage you’ve got to offer! Writers are required to contribute at least one post per month.

By submitting your post, you acknowledge that your article is original and will not be submitted to any additional outlets without the permission of Allyn Lewis, LLC. You give Allyn Lewis, LLC permission to publish your article on and share throughout social media with the understanding that you will not receive compensation for your submission. You agree that you hold the rights/ownership of, or have received adequate permission for, any photos or graphics submitted with your written content. Please note, stories and titles may be edited for clarity or to flow better with the tone of the site. We will not make any changes to the details or events of the story itself.