How to Use the Power of Music to Gain Control of Your Mood

Think about the last 24 hours and the different moods you’ve experienced. How did those different moods influence and change your behaviors? You might find that through all of those mood and behavior changes, there was one constant: music. For most of us, no matter what mood we’re in, we have a type of music that either encourages or shifts that mood. Personally, I have a song or type of music that accompanies or relates to every mood, activity, and event in my life.

For many of us, we might not even consciously notice how quick we are to turn to music for comfort. It often becomes a sort of second nature. Some might even call it a dependency. When I’m feeling sad, I’ll almost always listen to slower, sad acoustic or R&B songs. When I’m angry I have a tendency to put on some heavier rock or metal music. Times when I’m trying to get pumped up and energized, I’ll typically listen to pop-punk and rap. At night when I’m trying to fall asleep, I’ll put on some smooth R&B and occasionally some classical music. In those moments, when I’m in those different moods and situations, I don’t even really think about what I’m going to listen to; it has basically become a natural reaction for me at this point. I don’t consciously think, “Hey, I’m angry, I need to listen to people scream right now.” I just tend to put on that music without even thinking about it.

To get a little more specific, here are some songs and artists I’m currently using to amplify or calm my moods:

1. Mood = Sad

Song: Unsteady

Artist: X Ambassadors

I recently discovered this song, and instantly fell in love with it. The raw, honest vocals from singer Sam Harris roped me in from the first note. I can also relate to the lyrics, and it reminds me of my own life experiences. When I’m feeling down, I’ve been turning to this song a lot lately. It helps me feel better, and I absolutely love singing it, too.

2. Mood = Agitated

Song: 2nd Sucks

Artist: A Day To Remember

I turn to this song when I’m in a few different moods/situations, but I think ‘agitated’ when be the most accurate and common one. This song pumps me up and lets me get a lot of frustration out at the same time. I’m a huge fan of A Day To Remember in general, and I turn to them for a lot of different moods (because of their unique sound and ability to blend different genres), but this one does something different for me than any of their other songs. The aggression in both the vocals and the music strikes a chord with me when I’m not in the best of moods, and it always helps me feel a little bit better.

3. Mood = Happy

Song: Chocolate

Artist: The 1975

When I’m already in a good mood, I tend to listen more upbeat, uplifting music. Perhaps I should do that more when I’m feeling blue, but I guess that’s just how I’m wired. I find myself listening to a lot of The 1975 when I’m feeling good, but this song in particular stands out for me. The lead guitar riff sets the tone for me in the beginning. It just gives off this uplifting vibe that makes me feel like dancing. When you add the charming English accent of vocalist Matthew Healy on top of it, it’s a recipe for happiness.

4. Mood = Energetic

Song: Carousel

Artist: blink-182

This one takes us on a little trip through time, but this song has been important to me for many, many years now. I turn to pop-punk, and, specifically, blink-182 quite often when I’m feeling energetic/pumped up/working out, but this has been one of my favorite songs since I was in high school. I used to sit around bonfires with my friends and play this song all the time when I was younger. It will forever be one of those songs that can put me in a great mood as soon as it comes on, no matter how I was feeling before it started.

5. Mood = Sleepy

Song: Boyfriend #2

Artist: Pleasure P

I probably could’ve put this song in just about any category, but I associate it with bedtime more than anything else. Mainly because it’s the first song on my ‘Nighttime’ playlist, so I always start with it when I’m about to fall asleep. However, I absolutely love this song, and in other situations, it can get me energized, dancing, and singing like almost no other song can. Bottom line is that this is one of my favorite songs and I needed to find a way to put it on this list.

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So, what are your go-to songs or genres for your different moods? Is it something you think about, or are you like me and it just seems to happen instinctively? It’s always interesting for me to hear what music other people listen to in certain moods/situations, because we’re all so different and the genres vary so greatly. Let’s hope that you’re listening to your favorite song or genre that you turn to when you’re feeling happy today!