Craft Your Story Into a Creation Starter Kit

We all hear and read about the buzz words ‘Your Story’ on blogs, business pages, books, and motivational speeches. It’s easy to live out your story, it’s called life, and we do it every day by breathing, moving, and communicating. Let’s get real, though, it’s a lot harder to verbalize, discuss, and show what moments have molded you, and what got you to where you are today. That is why this trend report was invented so that you could craft and write your story into a creation. It’s just the starter kit so you need to keep adding to it. Because at the end of the day, ‘Your Story’ is important to develop.

1. Anthropologie’s Year-Less Planner – $28.00

Create your own plan for your life with this year less planner from Anthro. Don’t forget to throw in time for spontaneity!

2. Inspirational Coffee Mug from MostToastyGoods – $13.95+

Life is fueled on coffee and inspirational quotes. Combine these two things and you have the perfect equation to keep you going all day long. (Until you need your beauty rest.)

3. The All Modern Shitty Life Moments Trash Can – $49.00

No one has their shit together 100% of the time. So throw away the not so great ideas, feel your emotions then let them go, and shoot them in the basket like Michael Jordan. It’s okay that not every idea, dream, or business works out because this opens a new opportunity for something bigger to grow.

4. Magic Pens from Jet Pens – $29.60

One stroke of this pen at a time will start to bring your story and thoughts to life. Plus your penmanship will be impeccable.

5. One Kings Lane’sGreat Thinking Chair – $199.00

Comfy enough for you to sit in and work, but not too comfy for you to fall asleep on your dreams, hard work, and motivation.

6. AllKiind’s Little Reminder Tee – $34.00

Just look in the mirror or look down every once in awhile while wearing this white t-shirt, and give yourself a great reminder that ‘You Got This’.

7. The Techies Story Carrier GABBYcases – $28.50

If paper and pen aren’t your forte, then a laptop most definitely will be. We all need something beautiful to carry our story in.

8. Effie’s Paper: Spirit Animal Notebook Edition – $18.50

Olivia Pope is one badass chick, even if she is a fictional character, who cares? You know she has a notebook behind the scenes to write out the crazy events in her life. Oh… and a glass of red wine!

What else would you add to the Craft Your Story Into a Creation Starter Kit?