What to Do When You’re Creating Content to the Tune of Crickets

“Okay, here we go. No turning back now. I’ve drained every last ounce of brain power I have and poured my heart into this; the response to this post is going to be great!

Wait for it.

No, seriously. Just a little bit longer.

Um, what time is it?

Maybe it’s just too late. I’ll give it until the morning.

Oh, there’s still nothing.”

Raise your hand if this is a verbatim recount of a conversation you’ve previously had with yourself. Yeah, I see you slouching down in the back row. As deflating as these experiences can be, we can’t hide from them. Nor should we want to.

If you're feeling frustrated by the lack of response and engagement you're getting from your content marketing efforts, give this a read!

The truth is you are getting a response. Listen a little more closely. That’s right: crickets. Not what you were hoping for?  That’s understandable. But don’t ignore them.

I’ve been there before, and I didn’t listen to the crickets. In an attempt to boost my social media following to build momentum around my music, I would create overly promotey, impersonal posts. I would get zero response to them. So what did I change?  Nothing. I’d place the blame everywhere else.

Those crickets were trying to tell me something, but I wasn’t listening. The thing is, and I didn’t realize this until it was too late, is that the audience I was trying to reach was hearing those exact same crickets. There was nothing in my posts for them to connect with or feel anything from, so it was basically like there was nothing there for them to even read.

If you want my advice based off personal experience, don’t wait until it’s too late to learn to understand the crickets. My stubbornness and ignorance dealt me a huge blow and set my progress back in a major way. However, it’s a good thing I live with Allyn. She’s always around showing me how to put more emotion and connection into my content.

Don’t tell her I said this, but when she first started the Gem Nation Facebook Group, it was pretty lame. She used it as a means of promotion and engagement was sparse. But now, she’s created this incredible community on Facebook and beyond where not only does her content spark a roar of conversation, but she’s built an army of people who are always ready to support our business just by making a few strategic tweaks to her content. You deserve that, too.

You know your business is doing something incredible and that you’re filling a gap. People need what you have to offer. You’re accomplishing something no one else is doing, especially not the way that you do it. But you just can’t seem to get people on board and interacting with what you’ve got to say, right? Every day that you continue to live with this gap in conversation, you’re costing yourself listeners, followers, and even buyers. Isn’t it about time you kicked those crickets to the curb in your content marketing?

The good news for you? Allyn and I have put together a fantastic mini course so you don’t have to learn about the crickets the hard way. I sincerely wish I had access to this course a few years ago before I assumed I already had all the answers. You’re just 60 minutes away from kicking your crickets to the curb for good. Click here if you’re ready to create content that captivates!

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