Decorating Your Home to Facilitate Success

Most of us here do not have a degree in the interior design world (unless that’s what your business revolves around), nor do we need one to have a home that benefits us physically and mentally. Often overlooked and left without intention, the structure and colors of your space do have a profound impact on your mood, which in return has an effect on your success. As you come home from work today or if you work from home, ask yourself one thing, “Does the space you live in benefit you?” You have surely heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” As true as that statement is, the color of your walls, the artwork on your coffee table, and the texture of your rug also play a role in staying inspired, fulfilled, and productive on your career path… Maybe not quite as much as where your heart is at, but they still matter!

studiowestmaasPhoto Credit: Studio Westmaas

If you are wondering how to bring success through energy and motivation into your home, Kay Westmaas is your woman. She has great advice on keeping your home office personable, yet motivational. A productive day for her involves an organized desk, which lets her use her energy on more important things than getting lost in the abyss of clutter. Then, some upbeat jazz music always gets her motivated to work! Kay suggests using quiet, soft tones for a home office, with “greenery added in the way of plants and also fresh flowers are fantastic.” Recently, I just placed a bouquet of flowers in my living room and it is incredible how it adds beauty and life into the space!

To help you de-clutter and stay organized…

Extending from greenery, you can also turn to earthy hues. Josie Abate from Ambience Design Group knows it can be difficult to find tranquility and relaxation within our busy lives. She says, “One way to unwind is through creating spaces in our homes that are calming. Earth tones can give a space a sense of relaxation and calmness.” Makes sense right? Bringing in the ambiance of nature to your home makes you feel more connected to it.

Sean Juneja, Co-Founder and CEO of interior design start-up Décor Aid, emphasizes the importance of lighting going as far to say that it is “the single most important design element to address because of the profound effect it has on the space. It’s preferable to have ample natural light, but if you don’t, consider the use of mirrors, which bounce light and open up a space.” This is not a one size fits all area… “Task lighting is also important, especially at the end of the day or during winter months. Situational and accent lighting has a profound effect on a space, working to both modernize and provide ambiance.” For inspiration, take a look at this commercial space recently designed by Décor Aid for B2R, a mortgage trading floor.

Décor AidPhoto Credit: Décor Aid

With that new, lightened energy flow comes more riches! Aren’t we all trying to bring more income into our homes? We chatted with Kathryn Weber, owner of Red Lotus, who specializes in feng shui. She emphasizes that colors such as gray and white provoke thinking and movement, and by feng shui theory, even income!

Another top tip from Kathryn of Red Lotus, “For thought workers, like writers and bloggers, colors that promote thought and the ability to express yourself is another option. Working in an environment that makes you be more productive and relaxing, as you would be when you’re at home, is a terrific option. Colors like yellow and beige help thinking and mental clarity – and help the hands (while typing) relate those thoughts [of ease and comfort].”

As important as it is to have a work space that boosts your motivation, it is just as important to have a space where you can unwind. Dina Gibbons, the Home & Garden Design Expert at Rubber Mulch, mentions to, “incorporate water and its peaceful elements into the workspace. Keep a small running fountain on the desk and away from the computer and printer. Water is so tranquil, relaxing, and stress-reducing, and because it is always flowing, it subconsciously nudges us to keep moving forward in the same fashion, without drama or stress. This helps the worker go about the day in a calm manner, but with the purpose to move forward and accomplish goals.”

To incorporate a natural zen…

Perhaps you are the type of person though that likes to take a few strategic, stylish risks. Valspar‘s Color Strategist, Sue Kim, suggests shades like Deep Ocean Floor (a rich combination of blue and purple), Moon Shade (think a dreamy version of slate gray) and Midnight Sky (an edgy indigo) to evoke a restful and refreshing quality. She adds, “Often deeper shades are avoided because of the misconception it will make the space feel smaller or it would be too much of a bold statement. But these deep blue shades are becoming popular as they offers a place to rest your tired eyes and a space for deep thoughts.” After being in your work space all day it is nice to have a place that will soothe you like this.

IMG_0018-X3Photo Credit: Waldron Designs

As you’re introducing life and inspiration into your space, Rachel Waldron, Interior Designer and Owner of Waldron Designs, suggests to create focal points – “a sculpture, a painting, a piece of furniture, a fixture or a finish, and allow that piece to stand alone as a special piece of art. Focal points should be meaningful, sentimental and they should feel like a fixture in the home. Additionally, using a minimalistic approach to decor prevents constant distraction.”

Whatever your style or preferences, there are always options to make your space the most successful to your life. Having success will always, first and foremost come from hard work, but these tips to put yourself in the right mindset to achieve the next big idea or job can help! Life is about juggling all that we choose to pursue. As you unlock your front door and step into your home you should automatically feel the good energy hit your face. This is your sanctuary, where uplifting, motivational and relaxing energy flows throughout.

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Photo By: Studio Westmaas