Anyone Can DIY These Simple Etched Wine Glasses

Gifts that are handmade speak straight from the heart. It’s the ultimate way of personalizing a gift for someone you love. Aside from having something tailored to your specific liking, this can be a super budget­friendly option – especially for people that have a long list of people to buy for. This simple, but elegant, project can be the perfect pairing for a bottle of wine that anyone would love to receive.

Etched Wine Glass DIY: Supplies

For this project, you’ll need one bottle of Armour Etch, which is an glass etching cream product. I purchased my bottle at Michael’s Craft Store. You’ll also need wine glasses, a paintbrush, stencils, and tape.

Etched Wine Glass DIY

Get started with wine glasses of your choice. I love stemless glasses (these ones are $1.95 each!), they’re chic and an unusual alternative to your typical stems. After you’ve chosen your stencils, tape them securely onto the wine glasses.

Anyone can do this etched wine glass DIY!

I chose to do these delightful, free­form, organic butterflies.

A fun, fab, easy DIY! And it's wine related.

After the stencils are secure, use the paintbrush to dab the etching cream onto the stencil. Be sure to dab and not brush as if you are painting. Let the cream sit on the glass for ten minutes. When ten minutes are up, carefully peel off the stencil, and wash thoroughly under your faucet.

Add this simple, elegant touch to your wine glasses!

Simple and fun etched wine glass DIY!

It’s so easy and simple, but it makes a dramatic effect on your glasses. Stencils can range from anything from simple shapes, to initials and even borders. You can even paint freehand if you choose, such as doing a Kate Spade Inspired dot­pattern around the glass. When you want to give a gift that says “this is just for you”, a Do-­It-­Yourself project can be special and unique way of showing that you care.

A DIY project can be special and unique way of showing that you care.