Bring Glamour Back to Skincare with “The Power of Pretty”

Between popping pimples, dodging toxic ingredients, and trying to assemble a routine that actually works – skincare can be an exhausting, not-so-glamourous process. Is it just me or shouldn’t it be about beauty and glamour, not medicine and problems? After all, your face is pretty important.

With the abundant amount of skincare options out there, this brand really caught my eye a few years ago and I’ve been obsessed with their products ever since. Meet Doll Face Beauty – naturally potent, clean skincare inspired by the grace and style of retro Hollywood (how lovely?!).

Doll Face Beauty brings high performance skin solutions with glamorous results.

So why “Doll Face?” Founder Lisa Winarick shares, “Taking care of my skin was passed down from my Grandmother and then reinforced by my Mom and Aunts who all have taken amazing care of their skin. I have so many memories of special beauty days spent around the kitchen table with my mom and sisters mixing products to create our very own concoctions. My Dad would come in and say, ‘Wow, look at my beautiful doll faces!'”

With high performance skin solutions that bring glamorous results, Doll Face Beauty wants you to feel empowered and good about yourself starting from the moment you wash your face in the morning. The team is also dialed-in to fashion and trends striving to present cutting edge formulations in a relevant way.

The Doll Face difference is in the ingredients. Each product combines the very best of science and nature with super-effective blends of power-packed active ingredients that effectively cleanse, hydrate, protect, refine, and brighten skin. The team of top skincare experts is always traveling the world in search of new, interesting ingredients and applications – looking beyond the obvious to create products that deliver only the newest solutions.

Doll Face Beauty brings high performance skin solutions with glamorous results.

The “clean” formulas are developed responsibly by omitting any suspected harmful ingredients and tapping natural sources as alternatives. All Doll Face products are formulated without: Parabens, Pthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Paraffin, DEA, Triclosan, Petrolatum, animal-derived ingredients, harmful dyes, or fragrances.

It’s these clever combinations of active ingredients at the highest concentrations allowable that provide the maximum benefits achievable in the world of skincare.

As leading voice in the ethical beauty movement and building a brand with a conscience, Lisa explains, “We believe in a certain responsibility to our Doll Faces and the world in general. Our formulas are “clean”, we use recyclable packaging materials, we try to source ingredients from Fair Trade countries, our products are tested on starlets, not animals. It’s a crucial part of our beliefs and the brand’s DNA.”

Every element of the brand encourages the “Power of Pretty” – even down to the mood-boosting packaging inspired by the timeless glamour of Hollywood in the 40’s. Doll Face isn’t a beauty brand, it’s a lifestyle of beauty.
Doll Face Beauty brings high performance skin solutions with glamorous results.

My favorite product (it’s so hard to decide), has to be the Brilliance – Illuminating Face Polish ($28.00), which I use with a Charcoal Pretty Puff ($14.00)! This dual-action face polish naturally buffs and blurs skin for a fresh start. I love that I can use it every day and it lightly exfoliates without irritating or drying out my super sensitive skin. The Defend Intensive Age Defense Gel ($58.00) is a close second favorite. Cheat nature with this luscious age-defying skin treat loaded with powerful peptides and natural anti-aging ingredients. It’s a rich, creamy texture, but because it’s a gel, you don’t have the oily, weighed down feeling that often comes with other intense moisturizing products. Definitely a ground-breaking product you need to try because it’s never too early to defend your skin against aging! =)

My favorite brands are the ones that provide consumers with an experience and a lifestyle – not just a product. I cannot wait to see what this innovate brand is working on next! Keep up with Doll Face on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  • I will have to check out the line. I have been looking for one that is free of harsh chemicals. And with 30 soon approaching, I want a product that will make me look fresh and lively.