Your Dreams Are Sourced from Your Own Potential

Your dreams are sourced from your own potential. So, if you weren’t capable of doing this, your intuition would’ve never let you start it. Just keep going. Somewhere inside of you there’s this little, quite voice that believes in you because you’re still here, showing up for your big ideas.

Whether you’re setting off on a new adventure, or questioning whether the one you’re currently on is still worth pursuing, listen closer. Intuition is quite. While its calculation process recalls information from the past, there is no worrying about the past or future because the process never reaches your areas of higher thought to think about it. That voice won’t be jumping for excitement, but rather sounds pleasant and unforced, content almost.

Just listen, don’t think.  

Listen more to that whisper than you do to the screaming doubts going on inside your head. It knows you’re far more capable than what fears leads you to believe.

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  • Janna

    Hi Allyn, Thanks for this post. I found your blog because of seeing your Pinterest group board, so I came over to post a request asking to be a collaborator – and along the way got to be inspired by your post – thank you 🙂 My website is, and I was wondering if I could be added to your group board “Blogging Boost”? Thanks a ton, and have a great day! Janna