Eating for Flawless Skin, Be Your Brightest + Create Your Own Confidence

Staying positive keeps you inspired, which will impact you both professionally and personally. Here are a few fab tips for surrounding yourself with inspiration and positivity. (via That Working Girl)

Yay! You’re having a baby! Now that your bundle of joy is on the way, it’s important to figure out what your maternity leave will look like. Knowing how many weeks you’ll have off work and what kind of financial benefits you can expect will help you plan and budget accordingly.

If we stop rushing for a moment to truly consider what we’re putting into our bodies, is it really worth it? Check out these 5 foods to eat for flawless skin! (via Elliven Spa)

You’ll thank us for this one. Have you heard about Rocksbox yet?! Created to help women everywhere enhance their style through an ever-rotating selection of jewelry, chosen for them and sent directly to your door. Be your brightest and try a month for FREE with code allynlewisxoxo. 

The way you start your day makes all the difference. Take time to build a morning routine that you can’t wait to wake up to. Create your own confidence. (via Lucy Marie)

Today, so much of the advice we get as we are starting our professional life is – “get a business degree,” “have as many internships as possible,” and “always have a five year plan.” That’s why it’s really refreshing to see someone take a big leap and embark upon a career that is as unconventional as it is rewarding. But that’s not always as easy as it might sound. (via Rue Magazine)

When you’re vocally talented, funny, and can naturally put on a show, you know you belong in the entertainment industry. So how do you survive the industry? Use your unrelated college degree, create great cover songs, and help your fellow artists. (via Limerence Magazine)

Tackling the task of removing stains, washing endless piles of clothes, and getting them dry without mildew smells doesn’t have to involve harsh, dangerous chemicals. The Honest Company has every product you would need to make laundry day simple, safe, and sustainable. I LOVE the 4-in-1 Laundry Packs.

Remember when you were a kid and the biggest decision in your life involved which color jelly bracelet would look best with your light-up Sketchers? Man, those were the days. As adults, the decisions we make are a bit more complicated. (via The Nectar Collective)

Do you long for the familiar flutter of a hemline right to left as you walk down the sidewalk? Are you especially inspired by the eighties hair? The seventies makeup? Well, as luck would have it, some of your old favorites are the hottest trends in the fashion spotlight right now. (via Clickless)