Finding Time and Courage to Do What’s Best for Me

Let me tell you, my life is crazy. Good crazy, but crazy none-the-less. No matter what is going on in my life, the one and only thing I can always count on to make me feel amazing, and more importantly, stay sane, is working out. When I started working with The Barre Code recently to do PR for their grand opening of the North Hills location in Pittsburgh, I had never taken a barre class before and was so excited to give it a try. I did not expect to get hooked and begin incorporating The Barre Code into my overall wellness routine!
Two of my favorite fitness things - CALIA activewear and classes at The Barre Code!
I love the back of this tank from CALIA by Carrie Underwood. Every time I leave class I feel fueled with motivation and positivity for the rest of my day ahead. Throughout class, I’m always reminded of the fact that I’m capable of more than what I give myself credit for and I’m so much stronger than I think I am. While my physical strength has certainly improved from going to class, what amazes me even more is the mental strength that I’ve developed. I find now, even when I’m outside of the studio, I’m more focused, more productive, and more willing to practice self care with the courage to do more of what’s best for me.
The Barre Code Mantra
The Barre Code has been the perfect complement – mentally and physically – to my yoga practice, which brings me to these neat little socks on my feet. Being a dedicated yogi, my toes like to be free and in contact with the floor to keep me grounded. Enter Tucketts: quality toe-less socks that inspire happiness, confidence, and commitment. With the best non-slip grip out there, theses babies help me get the most out of my yoga practice (especially if I’m practicing somewhere that I don’t have my mat) and barre workouts without giving up the barefoot sensation of freedom and balance.
Get the most out of barefoot workouts with Tucketts.
In addition to working out and feeling empowered, another one of my favorite things about this world is Carrie Underwood. Not only is she so talented, but she’s into fashion and has an incredible activewear line, CALIA in collaboration with Dick’s Sporting Goods, designed to make it easier for herself and all other women to work in working out no matter what. AND, the pieces are gorgeous, functional, and affordable. I literally almost died of excitement at her New York Fashion Week presentation for the fall collection. NOT. EVEN. JOKING.
Get the most out of barefoot workouts with Tucketts.
So, when this cool new online shopping platform, Brandzaffair offered me a credit to shop their site and share my experiences, I was hoping Dicks would be one of their partners so I could grab some more CALIA gear! I was in luck and decided on the Essential Moto Tights in Forest Tapestry ($70) and the Printed Double Strap Tank Top in Dark Lunar Greenhouse (now $25.97 – 26% off!). The Inner Power Seamless Double Strap Bra ($40) I’m wearing underneath was one of the goodies I got to keep during New York Fashion Week… Brandzaffair differs from all the other shopping sites out there in that they are uniquely dedicated to connecting people with the brands that fit their lifestyle and with people who share it. It’s a really cool concept and they even have a “Shop with a Friend” feature, which is essentially Facetime for shopping!
No matter what craziness life throughs at you, always make time take care of yourself and find what keeps you sane – whether that’s working out, cute clothes, an inspirational podcast, a pedicure, or a nap! A successful mindset is about conditioning yourself to acknowledge, manipulate, and dilute the bad crap so that when shit happens, you can be like, “no big deal, I can handle it.” You don’t need to give your energy to it because you already know you’re equipped with the tools to get it taken care of. Successful people aren’t free from the stresses of life, they are just badasses at handling that stress efficiently and even to their advantage. They don’t let stress get in the way of achieving their goals.
Have an innovative, empowering brand I should know about? Get in touch! I love bringing exposure to the unique businesses that are making the world a brighter, more beautiful place. <3
Moto workout pants from CALIA by Carrie Underwood