Flamingo Things: I Don’t Give a Flock

This summer our motto goes something a long the lines of, “I don’t give a flock.” Meaning, I am not going to let anything or anyone get in my way. You keep going even when life gets tough. Although you appreciate and listen to advice from others, you always stick to your intuition. This is the go-to motto for this summer, and one of the reasons why our flamingo friends are trending. Most likely the hype is because of all the fun puns you can make out of the flamingo things trend.

Flamingle with the trend below:

1. ModCloth Seen in a New Flight Lamp – $49.99

Lets’ you mingle in the dark.

2. Bebe Lovebirds Are Clutch – $69.00

I wouldn’t even be mad if I didn’t have money to put in this wrist-strap. I would still flaunt it like a flamingo while I am out.

3. NPW Flamingo Tissues – $3.00

Just something to wipe your beak on.

4. Sophia Webster Let’s Flamenco Dance Heel – $135.00

I actually don’t suggest flamenco dancing in these heels, but if you can do it I want to see a video. Picture or it didn’t happen.

5.Tervis® Whimsical Flamingo Wrap Tumbler with (16 oz) – $16.99

You could be the crazy cool bird lady in the park when all the other birds flock to get a sip from your cup.

6. FINE & CANDY Bird Motel Notebook – $42.00

Write all your flamingo puns in here and then put them in the comments so everyone can see!

7. Nicolita Swimwear Flamingo Love Havana Tank Top – $48.00

I think someone should start a new challenge called “The FlamingGO Stand On One Leg” and see who can hold this pose the longest.

8. Kate Spade Daycation Bon Shopper Purse – $85.00

Because why fit in when you can stand out?

Here is a little fun fact to end the month of July with. Flamingos actually don’t do hot in small flocks, and they tend to stick in big groups so they can fight away their predators and enemies. Even though we spend a good bit of our time alone we still need a group of inspiring and supportive people behind us. Good things are started from an idea, but great things happen when people come together and make an idea into a reality to better humanity. So go out and find your flock!

Alex is flocking out. Get it? …Like clocking out. Okay I’m done with the puns.