From Struggle to Shine

Enrollment for From Struggle to Shine is currently closed.

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Grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

It’s time for us to sit down and have a heart to heart about your business.

I see how hard you’re working and you’re frustrated because it just doesn’t seem to be paying off, does it? You know you have a solid message – and some kick ass products or services to go around it – and now you need a strategy that feels good, instead of stressful, for creating sustainable buzz around your brand. It all starts with you being a human.

I’ve been at this business thing for awhile now…

… and no marketing, branding, or promotional strategy has resulted in more growth – in terms of both profit and reach – than living within my story and getting out of my comfort zone enough to share parts of me personally with my audience. It even led to a blog post that went so viral it broke my website, landed me my first speaking gig, and has allowed me to make sense of my past (which is the only way you get better at creating your desired future!).

What is From Struggle to Shine?

Over the course of 12 supportive and strengthening weeks you will style your story, reveal it to the world, and utilize the customized strategy we build together to create sustainable buzz around your brand. The program consists of 3 1:1 strategy calls with me, group mastermind sessions, weekly email checkins/checkpoints for accountability, email access, 3 webinars led by guest experts, office hours/Q&A sessions to address questions, and a family of support and feedback.

But none of that really matters. What does? The transformation my students see in themselves and their businesses…

So, I asked my last group to share 10 things they learned throughout FSTS and here’s what they said:

  1. How to describe what my business does in just one word.
  2. How to communicate what I offer in a way that resonates with people.
  3. How to get more engagement on social media without worrying about SEO/marketing tips and tricks.
  4. That I can connect literally any story to a message for my followers.
  5. That it’s okay to be vulnerable with your customers.
  6. That it’s okay—and maybe even the right call—to focus on just one social media channel.
  7. How to make crazy awesome Trello boards 😉
  8. That everyone else is spelling “Allyn” wrong
  9. That stories don’t have to be finished to be worth telling.
  10. The importance of setting goals that are actually achievable so you’re setting yourself up for success.

– Joey Vitale, Attorney for Creative Entrepreneurs at JCV Law

  1. Do not be afraid 
  2. How to break up my stories into meaningful sequences
  3. To be myself through it all because it would be really hard to try and keep up being someone I am not
  4. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes
  5. Inaction is still an action (this is one of my favorites)
  6. Just write down the story, or any writing, it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time it just needs to be purposeful
  7. Creating a strong ‘pitch’ when people ask what I do – the hero short blurb
  8. I don’t have to be like all of the other photographers
  9. An effective order for a sequence with purpose, point, etc.
  10. To love writing again 🙂

– Stacy Carosa of Stacy Carosa Photography

  1. What my super power is.
  2. What’s most important to me personally (ease/comfort).
  3. I don’t have to appear to have everything together. I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect. People actually relate to you more if you appear more human.
  4. There’s a story to be told in almost everything we do and everything that happens.
  5. It’s important to have a structure, to hold myself accountable. I’ve been going with the flow a bit too much 🙂
  6. Focus on a couple of strategies and keep at them. Do the work! Don’t drift from one thing to another and then say it doesn’t work.
  7. I can use personal stories to market my business!
  8. It’s scary to do things differently but it gets easier.
  9. Write down the story ideas that come up when I’m in the shower as quickly as possible. I think I’ll remember them but I don’t 🙂
  10. Don’t worry about the metrics. Just share!

– Mui Tsun, Tech Wiz for Coaches and Entrepreneurs. 

  1. What my stories are
  2. That my stories have value
  3. That stories make me strong
  4. How to engage my audience with stories
  5. It’s ok to not be ok
  6. That people want to join you on a journey not at the destination
  7. Focus on one value
  8. Perfect doesn’t mean professional
  9. Done is better than perfect
  10. I can do this!

– Rebecca Nash Emerson of Rebecca Nash Photography 

Here’s how it works:

Through a commitment to this program you’ll be able to:

  • Position yourself to stand out from the crowd
  • Streamline your marketing, branding, and promotion efforts (instead of getting overwhelmed, you’ll actually get excited to build your digital presence)
  • Grow a supportive tribe and following around your unique offering(s)
  • Deliver your message crisply and clearly to your audience every time
  • Attract the clients you want – those who will naturally be supportive, nurturing, and loyal
  • Add depth, dimension, and meaning to business (Guess what? Those are the brands that make the most impact on the world)

In addition to having over 28+ hours of access to me, you’ll walk away with a complete map of your stories and an understanding of how and where to weave it throughout your brand, a spruced up “about” page, 4 published posts on (1 profile piece profiling your story, 1 interview, 2 guest posts to show off your expertise), a workbook to note your thoughts/discoveries/ideas throughout the program to go back to in the future, and other brand boosting accomplishments.

It’s designed to show you the unmatched impact consistently living within and speaking out about your story will have on your brand and growth (and why, if you want anyone to be talking about you, you have to have the skills to deliver your mission/purpose clearly and effectively).

From Struggle to Shine is for entrepreneurs seeking sustainable, long term solutions for brand growth. These strategies are not for those interested in fast cash or quick, temporary spikes in sales. The work you put into this will directly correlate to what you get out of it. In fact, the secret to success in this program is digging deep and doing the work.

Enrollment for From Struggle to Shine is currently closed.

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