The Get Off The Couch Playlist

Now that summer has arrived, we should all be jumping at every opportunity to get outside and be active, right?  Eh.  Maybe not so much.  While the sun and the warm weather certainly give me an extra incentive to be active, sometimes it’s just not enough.  So, what do I use to give me that little extra push?  Music, of course.  I’m sure everyone has their ‘go-to’ songs when it comes to being active, but I’ve compiled a list of fun, upbeat songs to help get your ass off the couch.  Feel free to insert your own choices where you see fit!

Chocolate – The 1975

From the opening guitar riff, it’s clear this song is just going to be a joy to listen to.  From the music, to the melodies, to the lyrics, there really isn’t an element of this song that isn’t fun.  It gets your feet moving from the get-go, making it a perfect start for this playlist!

80’s Films – Jon Bellion

If you haven’t listened to Jon Bellion yet, I highly recommend you start.  He writes and produces all of his own music, and he has been for years.  His singing voice is beautiful, and he can hold his own with just about any rapper out there today.  Oh, and he also helped write and produce “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo (check out my “Trumpets” cover here!).  I could’ve put any number of his songs in this playlist, but I choose to stick with the fun, upbeat vibe by choosing his song “80’s Films” from his recently released album, ‘The Human Condition‘.

A Praise Chorus – Jimmy Eat World

While not a newer song, “A Praise Chorus” by Jimmy Eat World still holds up quite well.  It was released in 2001 on their self-titled album (originally titled ‘Bleed American’), an album which introduced the band to most of the world.  It’s an album that I still listen to quite frequently, and this particular song is one that always sends positive, energetic vibes through my body.

A list of fun, upbeat songs to help get your ass off the couch.

Growing Up – Jason Lancaster

In my opinion, Jason Lancaster is one of the best lyricists of our generation.  Originally getting noticed as a member of Mayday Parade, then moving on to Go Radio, Jason is now focused on a solo career.  “Growing Up” is the second track on his debut ‘As You Are’ album, and the catchy vocals and melody will make you feel like moving as soon as the song begins.

Prove You Wrong – He Is We

This song is from He Is We’s ‘My Forever’ album, which is one I highly recommend taking the time to listen to straight through when you have time.  “Prove You Wrong” made the cut for this playlist because of the uptempo piano riff that opens the song, along with the emotional lyrics that accompany the music.

Stutter – Marianas Trench

If you don’t start moving as soon as you hear the first drum beat of this song, then you might want to check to see if you have a pulse.  This track comes from Mariana Trench’s ‘Ever After’ album, which is one of my all time favorites.  Everything about this song screams fun and energy, which is exactly what we need to get off the couch.

I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner

Okay, so, maybe I ditched the overall theme of this playlist to insert a personal favorite of mine.  Notice that the link for this song doesn’t go to the remix that’s been all over the radio for months now.  This is for the original, acoustic version of this song.  I felt it was necessary to try to expose more people to this version of the song, because it personally strikes a chord with me and makes my emotions run wild.

Plug In Baby – Muse

Matt Bellamy (Muse’s frontman) is one of the most talented vocalists and guitarists of all time, in my opinion.  The opening and main riff of “Plug In Baby” was voted the 13th best guitar riff of all time in 2004 by Total Guitar.  Getting back to the nature of this playlist, the riff sets the tone for this song: upbeat and full of energy.

Thank You For The Venom – My Chemical Romance

Another song that sets the tone at the beginning with an intense guitar riff, “Thank You For The Venom” comes from My Chemical Romance’s popular ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ album.  If the uptempo guitar at the start isn’t enough to get you moving, then the intense vocals are sure to get your entire body into motion.

Victorious – Panic! At The Disco

A favorite of mine for quite some time, Panic! At The Disco still has no problem putting out hit songs.  While many elements of the band have changed over time, one constant has remained: fun.  “Victorious” has found its way on many sports broadcasts since its release, and it’s really a no-brainer why.  The whole song motivates you to get moving and be active, making it a perfect fit for this playlist.

There you have it!  Now, go compile your playlist, put away your phone/laptop/tablet, get off the couch, and get moving!  Have fun!

What are you favorite songs to get you going? Tell us in the comments below!


Photo By: Unsplash by Sai Kiran Anagani