Just like the Rio Olympics, Go for Gold

Believe it or not, our olympian friends in Rio are just like us with huge obstacles to overcome and self-motivation that could move mountains. They work long hours like you do. They cry, want to give up, and feel burnt out sometimes. They even deal with tough competitors that have no mercy or empathy to whether you succeed or fail. It is truly an inspiration to watch the athletes compete and earn the medals they bring home to their countries, families, friends and most importantly themselves. But my gosh, the stories behind the dreamers and do-ers are what really make you want to go for gold in your everyday life.

Even though none of us (just making an assumption here, but if we have any past, present, or attempting olympians among our readership, please do step forward – we’d love to interview ya!) are in the market for gold, silver or bronze medals, here are some gold products that can make us feel like olympians:

go for gold print

1. The Happy Elephant Golden Coffee Quote Print – $27.95

I wonder if Olympians ever feel this way because sometimes I am too exhausted to create full sentences that make sense.


2. Fresh Goldie Wallflower iPhone Case – $30.00

I believe the girl who makes these cases is a winner in my own heart. She started young, worked hard, and now her work is loved by many all over the world.

golden Nike shoes

3. The Tennis Player’s Golden Nike Shoe – $141.00

I’m not saying you are going to become the next Serena Williams in these shoes, but if you can walk the walk and talk the talk, you can sure act like it.

urban decay eyeshadow olympians

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow for the Goddesses of Olympia – $54.00

Morning, evening or nighttime, it doesn’t matter because when you wear these shimmery eyeshadow shades of gold, silver and bronze people will look at you like a winner. Mainly because you already are one to begin with!

gold s'well bottle

5. The S’well Bottle that Winners Drink From – $25.00

When you think of a watering hole, think of all the animals from the jungle coming to drink their main source of how they survive, water. Now look at this bottle again and say, “This bottle is like the watering hole for the athletes of the 2016 Olympics.” Everything they touch turns to gold.

olympic party crown


6. Urban Outfitter Party Crowns for Bronze, Silver & Gold – $14.00

As if a medal wasn’t enough, I think they should hand out these cute party crowns too!

flamingo float

7. ShopBop FlaminGO for the Gold – $70.00

I think it would be nice if after each swimming competition they threw these into the pool for the athletes to float around on. If I hosted the Olympic I would totally do that for them. For goodness sakes, they definitely deserve a lil’ break after breaking records and kicking ass.

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gold plates for olympians

8. Olympians Have to Eat too Modcloth Plates – $44.99

What if we all got six packs, strong arms and muscular legs by eating our cake first? Just a thought.

golden throne

9. The Golden Urban Outfitter Throne – $69.00

A 100% gold chair might be a bit out of my price range right now. So for now, I will play make believe in this chair until I hit the jackpot.

Steffi Keung Gold ring

10. Steffi Keung Golden Ring (Set of 2) – $125.00

A crown meant for your fingers instead of the top of your head. Why? Because your hands deserve some loving after all the hard work they do for us. Just imagine typing away on your computer with this bad boy on?

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Learn from the 2016 Brazilian Olympians and go for gold today and every other day. You will become the best at your business that way.