How to Implement a Successful Social Media Strategy

When you see a tweet or Facebook post, a lot of thought and strategic thinking went into crafting that message. Social media has become one of the best and most effective ways to reach consumers and the public and can be an integral way to launch a new campaign. If you’ve been struggling with finding your social media strategy, here’s what is probably missing from your current strategy:

Outline your goals and objectives

Before you start brainstorming campaigns and approaches, this should be your first step. Set goals such as “Increase Twitter followers by 10%” or “Obtain 10 retweets a day.” Once you outline what you want to achieve with your social media strategy, you’ll be able to better think through what tactics will allow you to achieve your goals.

See what type of posts have received the most feedback for you

It’s important to look at what your followers interact with the post and what engages them. For example, adding pictures is proven to gain more attention. According to the Social Media Examiner, pictures are the most engaging content on Facebook, with an 87 percent interaction rate. Use Twitter Analytics to see what’s been the most successful for you, or you can use social media analytics programs such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Klout. Once you hone in on these specific types of posts, you’ll be able to better plan what exact content you should be sharing.

Create campaign-specific graphics

People engage more with visuals. This is important if you plan to use Instagram as a platform for your campaign, but equally as important for Twitter and Facebook as well. Make sure your images have a brand in and of themselves; pick a color scheme and stick with it, use key messages in copy, etc. You want your campaign to be recognizable, and graphics can really help to achieve that. The ultimate goal is that your followers should be able to guess a post is yours before they even see who it’s posted from.

Plan your posts

Going back to the second tip, make sure you do research on what type of posts have received the best feedback. If your followers really engage with images, make sure to post a few of those. When planning posts, consider the speed of the platform and adjust accordingly. Too many posts will overwhelm followers and they will tune you out and not posting enough will make them forget you exist.

Always interact with followers

This is a must-do for social media anytime, but always make sure to reply to comments, tweets, etc. Consumers love companies that interact on social media, plus it allows you to build a relationship with your followers.

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  • Great post Bre…definitely makes you think. I was just telling myself last night how I need to set a plan for my blog each day so I am not distracted from my daily goals! Thanks for sharing you tips

  • These are tips I definitely needed. Thank you.
    I think I struggle a lot with sticking to one look. I am all over the place. This is mostly because my person taste is very eclectic and I want my blog to reflect that…but I also want there to be at least a little bit of uniformity.

    Kristin //

  • Emily

    I love this post, and have been thinking of a similar post for my coaching clients. Thanks!

  • These are great tips! I have found that when I make a specific goal for social media (like gaining 15 more twitter followers) I am able to meet that goal because I have a specific thing to work on!

  • Great post, and great ideas. I definitely need to work on making my images branded. Thank you!

  • Thoughtful and meaningful interaction has probably been the biggest help for growing my blog. Tip number 1 in my book!

    Nice post and all good advice, girl!

  • All great tips! I especially love the last one. I think some bloggers don’t realize how important replying and interacting with their fans/followers are. I know they call it a wall on Facebook, but please don’t make me feel like I am literally talking to one.

    • Oh my goodness Tami, this sentence right here sums up everything! >> “I know they call it a wall on Facebook, but please don’t make me feel like I am literally talking to one.” LOVE IT!

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