How To Handle Situations Like Olivia Pope

Working at Olivia Pope & Associates is nothing short of stressful. Each day presents new murder mysteries, sex scandals, and DC disgraces. While most of us will never have to deal with these dramas, we’re all dealt our fair share of dilemmas in our own lives. No matter how big or small, here’s how to handle them like Olivia Pope.

Keep cool

No situation will ever be resolved by a raised voice and a scowl. Getting upset and visibly frustrated is the easy thing to do, but Gladiators never take the easy way out. The best conflict managers are cool under pressure and never let anyone see them sweat. Take a deep breath and stay calm, collected, and level-headed. Approach the situation with an open mind and be ready to put in the long hours it may take to find a solution.

Be honest

Olivia is infamous for her brutal honesty. She never holds back on telling the raw, ugly truth, even when it directly concerns her. Never be ashamed of honesty – it’s one of the most rare and honorable traits to have. Be authentic, even when your pride is trying to stand in your way. Share what you know and what you’re not certain of. Admit confusion, but never defeat.

Ask for help

As amazing as she is, Olivia would never be able to fix DC on her own. She relies on her team of Gladiators to handle every case and client thrown her way. Surround yourself with people who have different strengths than you do and turn to them in times of trouble. Your posse will be able to see the situation from a fresh set of eyes and provide insight that you never would have been able to imagine.


“It’s handled” is more than just a catchphrase. It’s a confirmation that everything is going to be okay. Every sticky situation needs a light at the end of the tunnel and it starts with a little encouragement. Even something as small as “we can do this” could be the confidence boost needed to seal the deal.