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In bullet form, because you don’t have all day…

  • I always wanted to be a ballerina, but health issues took that off the table in high school, so I got in to modeling, which filled part of that void.
  • My dad committed suicide when I was a HS senior, and it completely turned my world upside-down.
  • Keeping myself busy in college, especially with modeling, was my way of coping with the loss. Eventually, I started helping to plan and coordinate the fashion shows and photo shoots I was involved in.
  • I was planning to go to med school, but that never felt like the “right” option for me, it was just the only thing I thought was interesting enough to pursue.
  • I met my former business partner through a fashion show who asked me (down the road) to co-own a fashion PR company with her (which sounded like a great idea because I was hating being in the class room and having to think about even more years of school made me cringe)
  • After 2.5 years, my partner and I developed different visions and goals and I left to start my own PR firm (and also started to focus more on my blog as an outlet for myself)
  • I tried that for a few years. I loved the work I was doing, but working 1 on 1 with clients and undercharging for my services was getting the best of me. I fell apart fast and my own mental health crippled.

That’s where this blog, The Gem, comes in. Chasing your dreams is magical, but it’s also really freaking hard. So, whether you’re set on climbing the ranks at your corporate job, have started a business, or are blogging your way around world, The Gem is where you’ll find resources and inspiration to live a fulfilling life all while working through the tough stuff that comes along with creating life on your own terms.

So, grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and browse around. Get ready to have some heart to hearts. Here you’ll find things like stories about people who have been handed some challenging cards in life and are creating amazing things despite of them, words to read when you’re having a trying day, and the products that help me take care of myself on a daily basis. Ohhhh, and I love fashion so you’ll also find style tips and items that fit perfectly with our on-the-go lifestyle.

Everything’s got a bit more purpose, vulnerability, and realness surrounding it than your average lifestyle website. That’s what makes this mighty little corner of the internet so unique. Enjoy!



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Tidal Cool FW13 Lookbook – Behind the Scenes

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