Membership Terms and Conditions


Section I: General Disclaimers

  1. This Membership is a “service membership program” intended to give entrepreneurs the resources they need to improve the quality of both their lives and their business. All resources, strategies, templates, opinions, advice, and suggestions are  created and/or provided by Allyn Lewis, LLC unless otherwise stated.
  2. Membership Requirements
    1. At this time we cannot offer our membership program to representatives of direct sales companies. 
  3. Program Schedule
    1. Deadlines that are set for the member and not met will result in loss of benefits.
    2. Once deadline has passed, member may be offered a paid option if the benefit that was lost. [i.e. graphic, consult, etc.]

Section II: Communication

  1. Communication is a responsibility of both member and representative.
    1. Neglected communication can result in delayed or lost benefits.
  2. Communication must take place via phone call or e-mail.
    1. Text messaging is not permitted in regards to the Membership Program, Relevé Public Relations, or Allyn Lewis, LLC communication.
  3. Only one contact is permitted to communicate for the Membership Program.
    1. If the contact changes, it is the previous contact’s responsibility to inform the new contact about the program and their status.
    2. If a new contact wishes to speak with the representative for a summary, consult fees will apply.
    3. All social media logins, files, and PayPal account information should be passed along.

Section III: Program Disclaimers

  1. Representatives are only able to provide services that are included in the Membership Program.
    1. Additional services will be available by paid options
    2. Excessive email or phone calls will be charged as consulting fees
  2. Benefits are not permitted to be substituted or altered.
  3. Once templates or strategies are distributed, it is the member’s responsibility to read, post, and follow accordingly.
    1. It is not the representative’s responsibility to reiterate the strategies.
    2. Results will not be seen if member does not follow templates.
    3. Representative is not responsible for social media management of Membership Program accounts.
      1. Additional management services are available at a paid option.
  4. If a member does not have a specific platform that is necessary for the program, it is not the representative’s responsibility to set it up.

Section IV: Graphic Information

  1. If logo, images, and file formats are not useable, member may lose benefits that require this information.
    1. Paid options are available.

Section V: Financials & Billing

  1. Member acknowledges that their purchase via PayPal is a month to month subscription.
    1. This is a recurring payment feature, meaning member will continue to be charged prior to cancellation of subscription.
  2.  Cancellations
    1. The Membership is a month by month membership program, and the member may cancel at anytime.
    2. A cancellation will not “refund” the current month, but will stop recurring charges for the upcoming months.
    3. In order to cancel, the member must follow one of the options below:
      1. Click the “cancel subscription” link in the original confirmation sent to you by PayPal when originally subscribing to the program.
      2. Log into your PayPal account and edit your recurring payments.
      3. Send an email to
    4. Subscription must be cancelled no later than 72 hours before your monthly due date (monthly on the sign up date) to avoid being charged for the next month.
  3. In order to receive the referral discount [$5 off a month] the following criteria must be met:
    1. The referred member must address the referring member on their new member questionnaire.
    2. The referred member must join the Membership Program.

Section VI: Legal

  1. Once templates and strategies are given to member, they are not to be redistributed. These are for Membership Program or Relevé clients, to be distributed by an employee of Relevé Public Relations.

Allyn Lewis, LLC may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, and will give the Applicant notice by publishing the new Terms and Conditions on the Company website and/or by email to the address specified by the Applicant in the Application Form. Such modifications will take effect immediately upon notification being provided by the Company. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Applicant also agrees to accept and be bound by any changes made by the Company under this clause.