Not Rhetorical: What Do You *Really* Want to Be Doing?

I have a big, important question for you that I do hope you’ll answer for me:

What do you really want to be doing?

Before your family said your idea was crazy. Before your significant other told you it would never work. Before all the “6-figure experts” on Facebook told you that you needed to put all your effort into creating a sales funnel. Before your dad told you that you needed to get a job that had to do with your degree.

Before you started to tell yourself your dream wasn’t going to be possible. Before you started listening more to online courses than your own intuition. Before you started talking yourself away from it instead of towards it.

If you took away all the filters laid on you by both yourself and others of what you can’t do, what you shouldn’t do, what won’t work, what’s not realistic, etc.

What would you want to do?

I know I love sharing stories, but for so long, I’ve been stuck in the headspace that I can’t make enough money off creating content for this website full time. I kept telling myself people won’t pay me to share their stories. I still feel guilty about charging for it. But, I’d rather put my big girl pants on and ask for money for the work my soul wants to do, than to keep putting my time and energy into products and services I like to create, but don’t feel like it’s quite my calling. Some of them I even LOVE creating content for, but I hate the process – like setting up how to get the right emails to the right people after they purchased one of my master classes makes my head spin. And I just don’t want to spend my life on “discovery calls” with people (that we all know leads to a sales pitch anyway) to sell them one of my programs. I just don’t. I want to inspire strength in others (and be able to pay my bills) without the process feeling so damn complicated.

This is me declaring that, from this point forward (because, full disclosure, I’m not great at accountability when it comes to following through with my ideas because the doubts, shoulds, and can’ts set in), my energy is going into working with people who have gone through some tough stuff but created something amazing despite of it. We’re going to work together to get their story on paper (aka more like a Google Doc), and then it’s going to go on this very website. I’m going to use those stories to raise awareness for things that need to be talked about, to spark necessary conversations, and to drive attention to unique businesses doing cool things. It’s going to be glorious. I’ve already been doing this to some degree and I know I’m meant to do more of it. Writing this post on brands built by entrepreneurs dealing with depression made my heart so full.

The ultimate point of sharing all these stories is to encourage you, my fine readers, to do the things you thought you couldn’t do, dive into your courage to take brave risks, and create your own rules for this game of life we’re all playing (despite what challenging cards you might have been dealt). Because of that, I need to get to know you better.

So, in case you didn’t stop to think of your answer before, I’ll ask you again: What do you *really* want to be doing? What does your unfiltered, non-edited, non-rationalized dream look like? If you could do what you want, the way you want to do it, what would that look like? Just spit it out.

Will you share it with me below?

  • Stacy Carosa

    My dream would be to be a primarily senior and portrait (like branding portraits for creatives, bridal shots only, and shoots for individuals) photographer and continue to create the Natural Wanderer retreat but feeling like there’s a lot of set backs to all of this.

    • Don’t put up walls girl – you can do anything!
      Put your big dream out there, feel it in your heart and keep working towards it. You can do this!

  • My dream would to be a transformational portrait photography studio (primarily women’s portraits but couples and personal branding too) that serves clients around the world with a personalized experience from planning their session in studio or on location to providing a pampering hair and makeup session, and a magazine style portrait session. Every client would be able to walk in to a wall of completed images and walk out not just with great memories or images, but with tangible proof of the strong and beautiful person they are. Walking a little taller, with a little more love for themselves.
    I would also use my art to share the stories and struggles of some amazing people through art exhibitions and books.

    I would dedicate time to helping other photographers to grow their businesses, and women to grow their confidence through speaking, mentoring, and education experiences around the world as well as an online community of people I am working with, have worked with, or have an interest in working with me.

  • Karen Hartmann

    I love your article!!! I am living my dream every single day despite all what you were talking about (we are running a start up with three amazing woman friends bringing an online stress and anxiety training/classes into the world).

    And I know it so well: these thoughts and ideas wanting to hold me back, sneaking in all the time. Most people would call me crazy but it does not matter to me. This is the only way to really be happy – doing what your heart and soul tell you to do.