It’s Okay to be a Little Clueless

For my skimmers, here’s what you’ll find in this post: one (Clueless inspired) look + one life lesson. Featuring heels so comfortable they’ll keep you on your feet and an adorably affordable handbag, learn why you need to stop hoarding information and start embracing your own cluelessness. 

The Look:

UKIES Paloma Heeled Loafer ($279) // Black/Wine Python Top Handle Mini Crossbody from 88 Handbags // Coachella Rose Stainless Steel Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Bryant Park Stud Pierced Earrings ($45) and Union Square Wide Stretch Bracelet ($95) from Carolee Jewelry // Express Gray Pleated Skirt (similar from Kate Spade – $198) // Similar Bow Blouse from ASOS (ON SALE – $36) // Styled by Christina Imberlina

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring UKIES Shoes, Carolee Jewelry, Escape Watches, and 88 Handbags.

The Lesson:

You don’t get very far by knowing everything, because knowledge isn’t what leads to progress; it’s experience that does.

Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom, on the other hand, comes from experience.

I know, I know.

Being clueless feels uncomfortable.

That’s why we like to hide behind books, blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube tutorials. Sure, we might be learning, but even the most valuable knowledge in the world has zero value if it’s never implemented. And in order to implement, in order to experience, in order to become wise, one has to do

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring Carolee Jewelry and Escape Watches.

Do the work.

Do the discomfort.

Do the leap.

Do the risk.

Do the work.

It’s great to hear other people’s thoughts and experience for inspiration. However, this is risky business because there’s no guarantee that what worked for them is going to work for you. Don’t spend hours and hours researching and frameworking someone else’s methods that may or may not play out. The best way to figure out what is going to work for you? Try something. Spend hours and hours on your own approach. On trying and tweaking and repeating and then trying and tweaking and repeating over and over and over.

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring Carolee Jewelry.

Be energized by the work of others, but never, ever let it get in the way of your ability to take action.

The best skill that I have is the ability to teach myself how to do anything. I never know what I’m doing. I never have my shit together (surprise, no one does).

I try -> I do -> I work -> I fail -> I learn -> I teach -> I impact

It starts with cluelessness.

Get okay with not knowing.

Naivety may even lead you down a more pure, less tainted, more efficient path.

And for extra insight on being a little Clueless every now and then, channel this look (it’s New York Fashion Week look 6!) styled by Christina Imberlina and inspired by the coming-of-age comedy that won our hearts over in 1995. Note: I am not to be held responsible should you pick up (or revert back to ) any Valspeak in the process… As if!

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring these comfortable chunky heeled loafers from UKIES Shoes

It all started with the shoes. Christina and I both LOVED these Paloma ($279) heeled loafers from Ukies. Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why must a stylish pair of heels hurt my feet and force me to make a trade-off between comfort and style?”

Come on, if there are now self driving Uber cars and 3D print makeup, we should definitely have the technology for high heels that don’t hurt like a you-know-what. And while we’re on the subject, can someone please give me an update on where we’re at with teleportation capabilities? I could get SO much more done with my life if traffic was out of the picture.

Anyway, Kavita Khaitan has got your back… I mean feet! Before founding UKIES, Kavita found herself along with many other busy women around the world asking the same thing. Together with her husband, Umesh, who has years of experience in manufacturing as an engineer, these Gems were determined to find a solution (thank goodness someone finally took on this challenge!). Undergoing 2 years of research and development, UKIES’ Patented nanoGel® Technology revolutionized the high-heel experience by redistributing foot pressure, absorbing shocks from walking, and keeping your tooties cool and dry. You have to try it to believe it

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring UKIES Shoes, Carolee Jewelry, Escape Watches, and 88 Handbags.

Like all shoes, I do still suggest breaking these in a bit before you head out to tackle the world. But once you’ve got them formed to your feet a bit, you’ll be able to wear these bad boys all day – from work, to a lunch date, to a night out, and everything in between – or even running (literally) venue to venue at New York Fashion Week like I did!

Christina might be bringing me over to the dark side, but nonetheless, if I’m wearing black, I have to dress it up with stand out accessories. The texture and color of this Black/Wine Python Top Handle Mini Crossbody from 88 Handbags (my next post is going to tell you ALLLL about these great vegan bags that don’t break the bank!) was too perfect not to pair with these UKIES shoes. I love pairing similar things like this together because it allows the look to feel connected.

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring Carolee Jewelry, Escape Watches, and 88 Handbags.

Finishing off this look is the Coachella Rose Stainless Steel Watch ($195) from Escape Watches (also elaborating on this brand in the next post!) along with the Bryant Park Stud Pierced Earrings ($45) and Union Square Wide Stretch Bracelet ($95) from Carolee Jewelry.

On days where your own shine is a tad hard to find, there’s nothing like putting on some gorgeous gems to help bring out your own brilliance that’s been there all along. With impeccable quality and a design team that travels the world to source inspiration for each collection, there are plenty of pieces that will speak to your personal style.

Fall jewelry trends this season include statement necklaces (these aren’t going anywhere anytime soon), drop earrings, and fringe (which is everywhere right now from bags and shoes to jewels and jackets). Carolee has all this and more covered!

A "Clueless" inspired New York Fashion Week outfit featuring Carolee Jewelry and Escape Watches.

**This post may contain affiliate links and sponsored content because we all have to pay our bills and I’d rather keep creating awesome content for you than get a real job. All opinions are my own.**

Photos: Alexandra Barone


  • I should search for that pair of shoes. I can never walk in heels or any other shoes than trainers because they hurt my feet too much.

  • Those shoes are sooooo cute! I would expect them to be sold on one day if they aren’t already!

    • I totally agree with you! They would fit right in on the ModCloth site!