Own Your Fire & Change The World With #fireworkpeople

The Internet is full of critics, cynics and complainers. We’ve all seen nasty tweets from trash talkers and have that one Facebook friend who feeds off of fights. It’s a rarity to log in after a long day and find anything other than a negative newsfeed. But not for the ladies of #fireworkpeople.

#fireworkpeople is a sisterhood of dreamers, hustlers, and change-makers. It’s a space for women with fire in their hearts and a passion to leave the world better than they found it. What began as a Tuesday night Twitter party exploded into something much bigger than founder and visionary Ashley Beaudin ever imagined. “We found that we struck a chord among women who want to use their life to make a difference and to really truly design a life they love and are hungry for.” In under a year, the community has grown to be a home of endless empowerment for over 1,600 women across the world.


The group is tearing down every stereotype standing against female friendships. There’s no cattiness, no competition, and any hint of comparison gets squashed on arrival by an overload of uplifting encouragement. “I think one of the biggest things is remembering that there is enough room for all of us to show up and be who we are,” explains Ashley. “Competition is really just us buying into the lie that there isn’t enough; enough space, enough money, enough people. I like to almost picture it as a dinner banquet. We need every woman to show up and be who they are because there is a seat specifically for them and when they don’t, we all miss out. But when they do, we are changed.”

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Though these women celebrate every aspect of life, entrepreneurship is at the core of the community. While some of the members are already successful business owners, even more are working from 9-5 and hustling to make it happen on the side. When the stress, self-doubt, and fear of self-employment creep in, the ladies of #fireworkpeople show up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a member of the community for months or for a minute – these women are fueled by seeing others shine and stop at nothing to make it happen. Ashley’s advice to fellow female entrepreneurs is to just go for it. “Whatever that thing is that is burning on your heart, just start. Keep moving always. Promote that momentum in your life by every day taking time to do something to move you towards your dream business.”

Hand lettering by Brooks Oakwood

Hand lettering by Brooks Oakwood

The #fireworkpeople manifesto can be summed up in what Ashley calls the biggest lesson she’s learned since creating the movement: show up and be yourself. “Shake off the haters, they’ll come but they haven’t earned a place in your life anyway. Your pure magic is when you own your fire and surrender to who you truly are.”

Own your fire by joining the #fireworkpeople Facebook group and participating in their weekly Twitter parties on Tuesdays at 9pm EST.


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