Why You Need to Use Your Wounds as Your Wisdom

Photo: Josh Fisher Photography of Oklahoma City, OK

We all have a story, whether or not we believe it’s one worth telling (here are 5 reasons why you need to give words to your heart and share it). The anxiety so many of us feel when being tasked with opening up about our mental health is quite overwhelming.

Why do we feel we must hide our struggles with mental stability? Does it somehow make us less of a person if we’ve battled mental illness? Of course it doesn’t, so why do we shame ourselves into living in a victim mentality about it?

There are so many people with mental illness, including myself, who are currently thriving in life. We’re open about our mental health journey and we believe that by speaking about our pain, we’re able to prevent others from experiencing the same events.

We don’t live in the victim mentality because we believe we are survivors, not victims.

We believe that life happens for us, not to us.

If you behave like a victim, if you believe you were given the short stick in life, and you continuously hide the bumps you hit along your journey with those who love you, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

You’re a warrior, baby!

Mental illness is TOUGH. It leaves both physical and mental scars, but that doesn’t mean that those moments and those scars have to define the rest of your life.

Rise up! Move past the pain and turn that into the fire that fuels a purpose-driven life.

Become a mental health advocate, become a thought leader, start a movement, make a difference, use your story to save a life.

You’re not a victim, you’re a hero.

I am constantly reminded that I’m a hero when I speak about my struggle with anorexia, depression, anxiety, and a mentally abusive relationship, during mental health awareness presentations at high schools.

Being that the majority of my battles with mental illness took place in high school, I can clearly identify the students who understand and care about what I’m saying, versus the students who would rather be shooting up in the bathroom than sitting in a health class.

The students who need to hear my story, hear it. They cling to every word and try to hide the tears that start welling up in their eyes. Everything is so real to them, because it’s happening to them during that very moment.

As a survivor, we can talk about our past because it’s our past. But for the student’s listening, suffering, drowning in hurt – they stare in awe because they can’t fathom making it another day.

We are a hero in their eyes, so why shouldn’t we see ourselves on that pedestal too?

You won a battle that so many others never get to see the other side of. You’re free from the demons in your head and although they may appear from time to time, you’re capable of placing them at bay.

You now know how to live a life that didn’t seem possible during your darkest moments, so what makes you think that you’re not capable of living an even better life?!

You have overcome so much pain, so many challenging events, and you came out stronger than ever. So, why are you hiding your past because you fear you will be seen as weak?

You are a fighter. A warrior. A hero. A badass babe with a purpose in life.

You’re here to make a difference.

You were given those experiences in life because you were meant to survive. Your pain was meant to fuel you forward. Mental illness is here to be your catalyst.

You have so much power within you and right now, when you think about yourself as a victim or when you hide the truth about your past, you’re dimming your own light.

It’s time to shine bright and change the world.

Go grab a notebook and write a list of powerful affirmations. These will help you break out of the victim mentality and align yourself with higher vibrations.

Start small with these affirmations and let your list grow each and every day:

“I am worthy.”

“I am loved.”

“I am a survivor.”

“I survived so I can thrive.”

“I am ready to make an impact on this world.”

“I am MAKING an impact on this world.”

“I am unstoppable. I am fierce. I am a warrior.”

Just remember, that the past has happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. All you have now, is your perception of the events that have occurred.

Each day you are given limitless options as to how you are to perceive what’s present, what has happened in the past, and what you will make of your future.

By simply changing your perception about something, you’re able to change your mindset, and once you achieve that, you’re ready to play big in life.

Are you ready to play big, my friend?

We’re rooting for you.

And, if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s time to turn your wounds into wisdom and use your past to create a purpose-driven business!